Savour The Moment With These Cool Wine Spots

Ever crave the scintillating idea of flying to Cape Town for that good glass of wine? Well! you don’t have to, here are some amazing wine spots right here in Joburg.

Savour The Moment With These Cool Wine Spots

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We all know about the wine lands and Cape Town. Unfortunately, the general consensus is that you can only get the best wine experience in the Cape. I’m happy to say; for those who love wine, that Joburg also has some amazing wine spots, tastings and restaurants that got you covered. Light at the end of the tunnel right?

Wine drinkers have grown to understand the wine language better from the art of pouring, pairings, tastings and being the best gift buyer (the best combo has to be the traditional – glasses and cheese). As much as I would love to gift someone with wine and steak with mushroom sauce, that would be downright weird.

On the awkward note, let us take a look at some of the coolest wine spots around Jozi…

Wine Spots Joburg


Great Domaines – For The Collector

Great Domaines is probably the best place to find the wine you need. Priding themselves with being the gateway to the finest wines in the world, they certainly don’t disappoint. Their passion for wine shines through, they really do import some of the best wines from around the world.

This wine spot is without a doubt the den that every wine collector dies to have, bringing selected and some rare wines from France, Italy, Lebanon, Portugal and more. Their rare wines includes a select range of Chateau’s, Northern and Southern Burgundy Domaine’s – it is really the best collection we’ve seen.

Wine Spots Joburg

Verdicchio Restaurant & Wine Cellar – For The Pairer

Situated in the beautiful Montecasino, sits this amazing Tuscan style Mediterranean restaurant that boasts with some really good wines. Verdicchio can really be considered a good wine spot.

This restaurant is a great place for the explorer who is always looking to play around with their palate and pair a good meal with wine. The ambience at Verdicchio really compliments the place and concept of pairing – very romantic and cosy.

Wine Spots Joburg

Reciprocal – For The Traditional

If you are a regular wine drinker, and really love the idea of getting home to put up your feet and enjoy a good glass of wine or may you are hosting a dinner then Reciprocal is the place for you.

They have a have a lot of the traditional and famous wines like the red, rose, white, sparkling and more. They have a wide variety of brands that you can look at and choose from. Just a heads up: they are however; an online store so you can only make purchases online.

For others who are willing to go to the ends of the earth to have their own wine cellar, customised to your own style, Let’s check out the below…

Wine Spots Joburg

Urban Cellars

Urban Cellars is all about making your wine dreams a step closer, they design and build wine rooms and basement cellars so if you want to start your own collection in your own home, these are the people to contact to get the job done.

So just when you thought Joburg couldn’t surprise you and here we are, flourishing.

Cheers to all the grapes!

{Featured Image By Urban Cellars}

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