Cheers To All The Diversity At The Wine Gems Of Jozi

Taste something different at these amazing Wine Gems around Joburg. This is most certainly a sip you want to take. Cheers to that!

Cheers To All The Diversity At The Wine Gems Of Jozi

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We have all heard endless amounts about beer gardens and secret gardens. But today, we decided to look at some hidden wine gems instead. These amazing places in Johannesburg give many wine lovers a chance to enjoy a good glass, or perhaps even a bottle, of wine.

For some, a champagne breakfast has become a habit, but others just like to sip away the afternoon with a good glass of wine. And for the incurable romantics out there, a candlelit dinner is absolutely incomplete without fine wine.

So let’s check out these amazing champagne and wine gardens in Joburg.

Wine Garden Joburg


Situated on a bustling street of Rosebank is Publik, a wine bar that boasts creativity and artistic surroundings.

They have unique wines that will have you speaking about it for days – and that is exactly what they want – to start a conversation about amazing wines that few have experienced before. Their wine options change all the time to ensure that you are always left with a new experience and taste in your mouth.

Their quality wines are paired with delicious food. This pairing should be on your bucket list, so pay them a visit. There’s nothing quite like a good pairing by the best connoisseurs.

Wine Garden Joburg

Ivy Champagne Garden

Champagne stands out during celebrations, both the alcoholic and the non-alcoholic. However, we don’t have to drink it only during events and celebrations. This brings us to Ivy Champagne Garden.

Just as with wine, champagne deserves to be indulged, even on regular days. Ivy Champagne Garden has a twist, they bring together Asia and Africa. This is the first step to breaking boundaries.

This is one for all the explorers, who are always willing to try something new.

Wine Garden Joburg

Gallagher Wine Bar

If you are looking for something secluded, then the Gallagher Wine Bar should be a regular spot.

This diamond in the rough is a part of the elegant Convention Centre, situated conveniently between Johannesburg and Midrand. Many Joburgers love going there to enjoy some good wine and nibbles. It is a breath of fresh air.

Wine Garden Joburg

Gerakaris Family Wines

Gerakaris probably shocked when they opened their winery in Craighall Park. Yes! That’s right, Craighall Park.

This amazing spot welcomes you to host events, whether they be corporate or casual. And they are situated close to Delta Cafe, who can provide catering. You have the convenience of killing two birds with one stone, for an awesome event.

Cheers to something different!

{Feature Image By Ivy Champagne Garden}

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