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WinCompetitions have developed this competitions website for you, to choose what, when and how you like to enter competitions. With them, there is no more snipping, posting or late entries. Simply enter online, submit your entries and Wha-la, you're done. You not only get to see who the competition sponsors are, but even when the launch dates, closing dates and draw dates are. At the end of each competition they will publish the winners name or photo's of each competition's results.

Why Register Online?

WinCompetitions keep a record of each competition entered, if you are logged in. They also send you up to date information on new competitions.

So why wait...

Register today...

Simply register online and who knows... it might be you, winning that amazing prize you've always dreamed about. Think it's not possible? Think again. They'll save you time, money and lots and lost of effort to get your entries in ontime, online and hassle free. With them, there is no limit on how many competitions you can enter per minute, day, month or year. It all starts here!


WinCompetitions is an online competitions portal, designed by professional programmers and talented graphic designers to assist your company in designing, registering, hosting & managing your existing or future competitions from A-Z using this advanced management solution.

You can:

- Register your company & competitions online for free.

- Add your company details & logo to each competition entry form.

- Design, setup and view your competitions even before the competition’s launch date.

- Edit, delete or modify information from the competitions online, except start & end dates.

- Add pictures about the prize and the value of the prize to each entry form.

- Add your competition rules, Terms & Conditions online.

- View a list of all your future, existing and past competitions.

- Add up to 10x survey questions online, as part of your competition entry form.

- Choose from our list of demographics exactly what you need from the customer.

- Load an image of each winner from each competition online.

- Set up your own surveys, competitions with up to 10 questions, about your services, product or barcode info, etc.

- Set up your own IVR “Interactive Voice Recorded” line (Phone in Competitions).

- Set up your own SMS Premium Rated SMS Competition online or send bulk SMS using their SMS Management System.

You don’t need:

- Special skills to operate this system.

- Special software to download your information.

- Data capturers to capture your new online entries, as we supply you with an excel spreadsheet.

- To find the right people, they’ll find them for you.

Who can Sponsor Competitions?

- Only South African registered companies may register online.

- Companies who agree to WinCompetitions Terms & Conditions and 3rd Party Agreement.

- Companies who wish to promote their brands or new products.

- Companies who do not promote second-hand items.

What is Xtreme SMS?

To find out how you can activate any Premium Rated SMS competition between R1.00 - R30.00 per SMS for as little as R100.00 per month, click on the website details alongside to read more or register your SMS Competitions now!

They also offer Xtreme SMS Solutions, Bulk SMS, Bulk Email & Premium Rated SMS voting lines.

About Xtreme SMS

Xtreme SMS is one of the newer services on offer at Hi-Adventure Shelf 15cc t/a Win Competitions where it is constantly under development bringing you, the users, new and exciting added features. Xtreme SMS is a bulk SMS, bulk email and SMS competition program that offers users a simple, easy to understand web interface from which to work from.

With their cost-effective approach, using their product and molding it into exactly what your company needs is not only an economically beneficial process, but also one that ultimately adds an intensive marketing aspect to your company. You are able to send bulk SMS's and emails to an unlimited group of people, granting you the opportunity to let all clients or staff know of whatever issues are currently at hand.

By buying an SMS Bundle Package, you're also offered much cheaper SMS rates in direct comparison to normal South African cellular SMS rates. There are many situations in which Xtreme SMS would serve a constant, dutiful purpose. When your company has a not-to-be-missed sale offer, imagine the marketing possibilities to which you would expose yourselves to if you could send a single SMS to every one of your existing clients informing them of a special offer, company news, etc. Proficiently designed, purposefully user-friendly and cost effective are headlining factors in the success of Xtreme SMS.

What features are available to you?

- Upgrading of software is free and ongoing

- Requires no software installation (web interface)

- Purchased SMS's never expire

- Purchase of the SMS bundles whether single or bulk can be obtained easily as per the following methods:

E-Commerce credit card transfers

Direct bank deposits

Electronic transfers

Send from one SMS to millions at any time

- Recipient able to reply directly to the senders Xtreme SMS interface

- Single and bulk SMS's can be scheduled to be sent at any given future date

- Access to logs showing records of sent and received SMS's, as well as logging of purchased packages.

What do you need?

For Xtreme SMS to work, the user needs to have the following things:

- A working computer connected to the Internet

- Internet Explorer version 5.5 or higher

Postal Address:

Postnet Suite 350

Private Bag X09





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