Wimpy Beats The Monday Blues With Breakfast Special

Foodies stop looking so blue! There are 53 Mondays in a year but very few people ever get used to the first day of the week. Monday Blues hit people like a ton of bricks every Monday causing them to hit the snooze button a thousand times before forcing themselves out of bed and dragging themselves to work where they make it through the day by the skin of their teeth.

Wimpy just gave us a reason not to fear the lurking Monday Blues. If you need a reason to make friends with Mondays, Wimpy is here to save the day with the new Make My Monday meal which will give South Africans reason to have a spring in their step and tackle the day like the bosses they are. The Make My Monday meal comprises of two eggs, two rashers of streaky bacon, two pork bangers & toast for only R29.90!

“Over the years Wimpy has become South Africa’s leader in breakfast hence we always look for creative ways to offer our patrons deliciously affordable food, coupled with quick and friendly service,” says Jacques Cronje, Wimpy Marketing Executive. “The introduction of the Make My Monday meal is our way of ensuring that affordable and delicious breakfast is always available to South Africans from various walks of life – whether you’re a student, entrepreneur or CEO, you will be able to enjoy Make My Monday.”

As of Monday, 16 July 2018, customers can visit any Wimpy restaurant across the country on Mondays* to enjoy the Make My Monday meal which is available all day for sit-down orders only.


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