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Where To Find Good Wig Spots In Joburg

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Wig or no wig? It's your hair and you bought it honey! As winter approaches, many can agree that wigs will be in high demand, find out where to get yours...

This can become quite the controversial topic for many but hey, wigs are there and people love them. The trend of wearing wigs is fast growing...to the extent that ladies are now even making their own. So I have taken the courtesy to share a few wig spots that will probably have exactly what you need.

The Culture Of Thy Wig

Society has really forgotten about the purpose of wigs because of the upcoming trends that are shaping and shifting the perception of many.

Here is a fun fact: Did you know that wigs used to be worn by men and women as a way of concealing boldness? Some wigs were made from sheep's wool and vegetable fibres.

Now that I'm done taking you way back, I can say that wigs have helped many get over huge hurdles like a disastrous 'bad hair day' or just simply waking up with a lack of confidence. Best believe that as I am writing this, I am going through my own fair share of 'snip snip' worthy hair issues and as serious as it sounds - there are far more serious things that I can think of that wigs can do, a boost of confidence for one.

As person who does not wear wigs myself, I can say the fascination really comes from my colleagues and well looking beyond the surface of seeing them as just a hat for warmth.

Let's check out some cool wig spots that will open your horizons...

Wigs spots

Bellazara Hair Boutique

Bellazara is all about making wigs that are natural and good quality in order to ensure that their philosophy is met, "Make top quality, beautiful hair available to every woman''.

They pride themselves in using quality hair to present a product that lives up to the customers expectation, using 100% human hair from as far as Mongolia, India, Peru and even Brazil. We all know that these countries have people will really good hair - climate and hair care is everything.

They also have hair extensions for those who are not so into wigs.

Wigs spots

Ubuhle Handmade 

Ubuhle Handmade makes some of the best handmade wigs, made with free of chemical Cambodian or Malaysian hair.

You can get your favourite wig online and they deliver with ease. If you check out their website, you will notice that they have equipped you with all that you need to take care of you wig. A lot of ladies love Ubuhle, with thousands of followers - this has become quite a favourite for many.

Wigs spots

Breaking The Bounderies 

Wigs have become more than just sticking to your natural colours like blonde, black, brunette, ginger, etc,. The fashion trends have really influenced the hair. We are seeing and more of colours as bright as pink, blue and even the ombre colours.

Not only are we seeing them on stage, but on a day to day too. It is no longer about wearing it for hiding what's there or not there, but about making a statement and starting a trend so why not try it out.

{Featured Image By Bellazara}

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