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Why Playing LuckyNumbers Is So Popular

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There is quite a number of punters who still do not understand that there is a difference between betting on Lucky Numbers and betting on the actual lotto, they believe that it is the same but there is a big difference between the two.

Lotto is betting on the result of the official lottery draw like SA lotto, SA Powerball and several other lotto draws available, when you are betting on lotto, you must pick the numbers that you think will be drawn and if those numbers are drawn, you will win yourself prizes. Lucky Numbers on the other hand is betting not on the actual lotto, but rather you will be betting on the outcome of the lottery draw. It is important to note that Lucky Numbers betting is hugely reliant on Lotto draws.

Despite the fact that punters may not truly understand what lucky numbers are, the popularity of lucky numbers in South Africa is amazing and that is the reason why almost all bookmakers in South Africa like Hollywoodbets Lucky Numbers and several others are offering this product. This article seeks to investigate what really makes LuckyNumbers so popular.

Opportunity To Bet On International Lotteries

If you are into betting, you will understand that it is very difficult to bet on international lotteries like the US Powerball, Megamillions and other popular international lotteries, that is where lucky numbers come in because they give you an opportunity to bet on those lotteries in a way. While it is true that when you are betting on Lucky Numbers, you wouldn't be betting on the actual lotto, at least you get the feel of betting on these lotteries.

More Betting Markets

When you bet on lucky numbers, you will have access of a number of betting markets because with lotto, you just have to predict the numbers to be drawn and you will win prizes based on the amount of numbers you would have guessed correctly, however, with lucky numbers, there are several betting markets namely; (these vary with the draw):

  • 1 Ball (Main Set) Bonus Ball
  • 2 Balls (Main Set) Bonus Ball High
  • 3 Balls (Main Set) Bonus Ball Low
  • 4 Balls (Main Set) 5 Balls (Main Set)

Set Odds

Very few people want to share money and that is the reason why people enjoy betting on lucky numbers because unlike most lotteries which are parimutuel, lucky numbers payouts are not determined by how many people win because lucky numbers uses fixed odds and therefore the payout is fixed.


With most South African bookmakers, you will be able to place a Lucky Numbers bet for as low as R1 and this is great especially considering the financial challenges people are facing at the moment. As a result people are opting to bet on the cheaper option than betting on lotto draws even if lotto draws offer huge potential payouts.


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