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Whisky Brother & Co Stores Pop Up Around Joburg

Whisky Brother & Co Stores Pop Up Around Joburg

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There's just something special about whisky, isn't there? Whisky Brothers & Co recognised this special quality when they began their whisky blog in 2009. They've now expanded their business to include a fully operational online store and three pop-up stores situated around Joburg. Visit them to learn more about your favourite drink and to get your hands on some of the finest whiskies from across the globe. 

I know very little about whisky. Ironically, because my surname is often jokingly recognised as being one of the most popular whisky brands in the country. For all the amount of times I've been asked if I've got a supply of the "good stuff" hidden in the boot of my car, I should be a whisky expert. Alas, I know little more than to never dilute a fine whisky with anything but a splash of water. That was until I came across Whisky Brother & Co at Bedford Centre. Sitting across from this well polished store while I enjoyed a cup of coffee at Mugg & Bean, I decided to get clued up about my namesake.

I bravely entered the store, expecting to be shooed out for my visible naivety. Instead I was met with a warm welcome and an invitation to browse at leisure. Rather than mull about aimlessly, I chose to find out more about this niche pop-up shop and the people behind the Whisky Brother & Co brand. What I discovered is a team of passionate whisky lovers who've pinned their entire livelihoods on this beloved tipple. I left feeling inspired and in awe of the sheer dedication that the Whisky Brother & Co founders have for this drink. So, while I am still not an expert on whisky, I now have a keen interest in learning more about how to appreciate a good tot. If you share this interest, read on to find out more about Whisky Brother & Co's offerings.

Where it all began

All good stories begin with a choice. Whisky Brother & Co's story starts with the decision to leave the corporate industry to pursue a passion for world-class whisky. After becoming dissatisfied with the whisky offerings in South Africa, the Whisky Brother & Co team decided to open their own store. Inspired by their travels through Scotland and a growing likeminded community back home, they established the first Whisky Brother shop in northern Joburg. Soon after, their online store was up and running, enabling them to reach whisky lovers from across the country.

Today, the Whisky Brother & Co brand is synonymous with product excellence, great service and personalised whisky tasting experiences. Visit any one of their three stores in Joburg to get a taste of the real "good stuff". They predominantly stock whiskies, but you can find a few premium wines and gins here, too. Alternatively, browse their online store and have your favourite whisky delivered directly to your doorstep. Their tasting sets are the perfect way to introduce your palate to the peaty flavours of a brilliantly bold whisky. They make great gifts for whisky lovers, too, so treat your whisky loving friends and family to one (or two).

Whisky Brother Bar

Whisky Brother & Co is more than just a liquor store. Their passion for whisky has extended into Joburg's first and only fully dedicated whisky bar. The Whisky Brother Bar serves over 1500 whiskies for tasting in a beautifully designed bar space. The bar is situated at Morningside Shopping Centre and offers exclusive tastings, both formal and informal. They also serve select food offerings, including delicious pizzas from their upstairs neighbours Pomodoro Italian Restaurant. Book yourself a private tasting by contacting them on 011 883 3762 or via email at [email protected]

The Only Whisky Show

Die-hard whisky fanatics will be delighted to learn that Whisky Brother & Co's annual whisky expo is back and better than ever. After a near three-year hiatus, The Only Whisky Show returns this July. This two-day whisky extravaganza is an absolute must-attend for whisky lovers and collectors. There will be over 200 whiskies to sample, so come prepared. Book your tickets as soon as possible, because they are selling out ridiculously fast!

For More Information

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Details: Find your nearest store here | (Tel) +27(63)-294-7285 | [email protected]


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