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The Best Vegan Burgers In Joburg

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Going vegan can be tough on anyone, especially when you're craving a huge, juicy double decker burger that you struggle to get your mouth around and leaves sauce running down your arms. Well, get those napkins at the ready, because here are some of the best vegan burgers you'll find in Joburg. vegan burgers

The Fussy Vegan

The Fussy Vegan is a small eatery hiding out in a garage in Blairgowrie. They supply a few vegan items like biltong, ice cream, iced coffees and even shampoo. It is definitely worth checking out this small restaurant just for their pre-packaged BLT, with seitan bacon and vegan mayo. Their breakfast burrito is also worth a try, a toasted tortilla stuffed with avocado, bacon, tofu scramble and black rice. But the reason they're on this list is for their delicious seitan rib burger. You'll be hard-pressed to find another rib burger, vegan or meat, that is as good as this one. This consists of a sesame seed bun topped with some fresh greens, slaw and seitan ribs smothered in barbecue sauce.

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Dukes Burgers

Dukes Burgers has an entire page of options dedicated to vegetarian burgers. They offer to make any of these vegan by removing the dairy and switching to an egg-free bun. Switching to an egg-free bun is free of charge, an added bonus for those of us who are sick of paying an extra R12 for soy milk. A favourite burger here is the Kung Fu Tofu; tofu, carrot, cashew and basil patty in a Thai peanut soy sauce, with carrots, pineapple, red cabbage and sesame seeds. This is the perfect sweet and sour combination.

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Hudsons The Burger Joint

Hudsons has many vegan burger options. Each one of these is mouthwatering in their own right, but we go there for The Stack burger. This consists of a lentil and chickpea patty topped with caramalised onions, Violife feta cheese and creamy avocado. We are suckers for anything with creamy avocado. And at this joint, we can wash it all down with a vegan Oreo milkshake.

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Craft Restaurant

If you find yourself in the Parkhurst area craving a burger, then you should stop at Craft. In fact, even if you are on the other side of Joburg, it is worth making the trip to this establishment. Why, you ask? Because this restaurant makes one of the most amazing vegan burgers this side of the world. We're talking about a black bean and freekeh patty topped with avocado and edamame purée and a chickpea and coriander patty in a spicy vegan mayonnaise. This has got our mouths watering.

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Lexi's Eatery

Lexi's, based in Sandton and now Modderfontein, is a vegan restaurant with a few non-vegan choices. Which can be a nice change from regular restaurants, where you'll be lucky to get three vegan options. At Lexi's, you'll certainly have many more choices. One such choice is the Activated Charcoal Burger. This consists of a sweet potato, chickpea and activated charcoal patty served with carrot hummus, purple sauerkraut, chipotle mayo, tomato and greens on a fresh burger bun.

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Special Mention: Beyond Meat Burger

This burger patty hit South African shores in 2018 and ever since we have all been going crazy trying to get our hands, or rather mouths, on them. What's all the fuss about? Well, Beyond Meat uses special technology to make fake meat that looks, tastes and feels like the real thing. If you haven't tried this product yet, here are some of the places to get it.

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