Where To Do Your New Year's Resolutions

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Adventure awaits you this 2019, we vow to put action into our words. Only will it count. 2019 looks promising, you know why? Because we're gonna make moves and make things happen! No more postponing and chickening out of things we promised ourselves. We are definitely starting the year on a high. Where To Do Your New Year's Resolutions

Conquering Your Fear Of Heights

Talking about starting the year on a good and risky note, how about you conquer your fear of heights? Yep, we are also kind of nervous but the only way is up my friends, so why not? Here are a few ideas of how you, yes you can conquer your fear of heights because YOLO!

Bungee Jumping

We're going to start with the scariest one of all - bungee jumping. So we went out and found all the amazing bungee jumping areas. We're giving you options and you can go to one near you or any of your choice, but we're doing this! First up is The Orlando Cooling Towers, situated in Soweto, they give you the ultimate experience, because their services include; SCAD Frefall, Bungee Jumping, and Wall Climbing. Up next we have the Bungee Mogale which is also a fave of ours, they provide you with bungee jumping, bridgeswing and foofie slide. If you're feel like you are a daredevil check out the Play At Height - Bungee Jumping & Skybar.

Bungee Jumping

Zip Lining

For some zip lining fun visit Acrobranch Melrose. For that unusual and exciting or daring experience make sure you and a group of friends try this one out, and of course the whole family can give this one a try because we are pretty sure the kids will really appreciate it. You will enjoy two hours of fun and adventure with Acrobranch – it is an awesome way to experience something a bit unique!

Hot-air Balloon

We would love to believe that this is in everyone's bucket list. Our approach on life this year is Carpe diem, seizing every moment as it comes. We know you would love it too so check out Adrenaline Hunter for all the hot air balloon rides around the city. And follow that little voice inside of you saying "do it! do it! do it!

Hot-air Balloon


Two left feet for who? We're going dancing! Jep you heard right we are going dancing. Let us try to be more ambitious this time. Sign yourself up with a dancing class or two. Rockingnheels, this one is first up on our to-do list mainly because we have been dying to go to one of Takkies' dancing classes and of course rocking that dance floor in heels. If it's your first never fear when Takkies is near. Live a lot, laugh a lot, love a lot, dance a lot at Dancelot Ballroom & Latin American Dance.

Staying Fit

New year, new me. Don't be afraid to say it out loud, they'll call you a cliché, just stay focused on the goal of discovering the other parts of you, you never knew about yourself. We all love the amazing feeling that comes with seeing our bodies in good shape. So, why not hit the gym and commit this time.

Staying Fit

Romantic Dates

February is almost here and we are thinking why don't you start considering some awesome places to spark the flame in your life. Valentines is near guys and we also think since we are facing fear head on this year, we thought we could motivate you to take action by telling your crush how you feel. Come on you can do this, we're rooting for you! Ask them out on a simple date.

Dinner date with a twist

They say the way to a man's heart is through his stomach. We would like to believe the way to everyone's heart is through one's stomach. Some amazing food does the trick in any occasion. Why don't you and your date go out on a Cooking Classes For Couples kind of a vibe. In case you're looking for more date ideas, check this out!

Meditation Centres

This has been something I've been oh so eager to try out, for many reasons one being that I need to relearn how to exist within stress and of course the busy city of Joburg. And I believe we all share the same experience of Joburg being a lot to handle sometimes, and it's only fair for you to give your body and mind a break, why not try this out? Check it!

Staying Fit

Travel Around SA

Why not travel around South Africa? Be a tourist in your own country and get to experience the beauty that is Mzansi. Giving you a variety of fun things to do, make sure you do not deprive yourself the pleasure of doing touristy things whilst in South Africa. These nine provinces have a lot to offer.

Stop Procrastinating

Lastly but by no means least, we all need to get into the habit of postponing and procrastinating when you're supposed to do something. Yes you Suzan I am talking to you, let's stop canceling our plans. With that said wave procrastination goodbye, say bye Felicia.

Stop Procrastination

Have anything you're trying out this year? Share with us down below!

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