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Westcliff Hotel

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International stars have stayed there. Local celebrities have used it as a wedding venue. Mention the name “The Westcliff” and the average Joburg resident will regale you with tales of a hotel that only those in the upper echelons of society frequent, folks who walk with their noses in the air and refuse to dine with the rest of us.

We elected to host our year-end celebration at the Polo Bar at Johannesburg’s Westcliff Hotel, and part of me was concerned that an average Joe like me might not “fit in” with the type of clientele I had expected to meet. In retrospect, and this is possibly one of the very few times you will ever catch me admitting this, but I am glad to say I was wrong. My judgment was completely off.

The Polo Bar features an interesting tapas and light lunch menu. It is also known for having an extensive Champagne selection and interesting liqueurs. The bar has a comfortable look about it – there are couches where one can sit and relax with a whisky and a good book. Our group (being a bit of a noisy bunch) opted to sit outside by the pool.

The view is breathtaking. It is hard to believe that Johannesburg, a concrete jungle, has so much beauty within it. The suburbs around the Westcliff are lined with trees, and occasionally there is an opening where one can spot the Zoo. Sitting on the deck gazing out at the green surrounds and golden sunset makes a trip to this hotel worth a visit.

As one would expect, the service was top-notch. I don’t know how they did it, but the waiters even managed a friendly smile while being harassed by some kids whose parents were clearly not disciplinarians (those unruly brats don’t know how close they were to being tossed into the icy pool by yours truly).

In simple terms, the food was delicious. From my interesting starter that consisted of tender beef strips with crunchy pistachios; to the medallions topped with mushrooms; I can’t fault the menu. Our table thoroughly enjoyed the food we were presented with, from the pork pockets to the prawns there was not one complaint.

The best was saved for last, as our table all decided that the banana and toffee meringue would be the best way to end off the evening. The scent of the bananas combined perfectly with sweet ice cream and meringue to create a dessert experience that will not soon be forgotten. Rochelle even has photos of this dessert saved on her phone!

A dining experience at the Westcliff is something I would highly recommend. The food is superb, the scenery beautiful and the service first class.

To book a dining experience at The Westcliff's Polo Bar follow the links alongside.


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