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The Hollard Jozi Urban Run Adventure has partnered with Johannesburg City Parks and Zoo to bring you the ultimate trail run through Johannesburg. On 24 August 2019, Hollard will be turning the city into their very own adventure course, giving you the opportunity to interact with the urban elements without worrying about the traffic.

If you’re on the fence about preparing for the JURA (Jozi Urban Run Adventure), or running in general, then we’ve put together a little presentaion on why you should tighten those tekkies and hit the road.

For Body And Brain

While you’re enjoying the sights and sounds of Johannesburg, you’re also increasing your overall health and well-being. Research shows that aside from weight loss and the obvious fitness benefits, hitting the asphalt for long distances can also help treat depression, promote blood flow and improve lung function. What better way to get healthy than outdoors interacting with your city?

Explore Jozi

Do you drive the same route to work and back every single day? You’re probably missing out on all of the hidden gems our city has to offer! Hitting the pavement is a great way to discover new eateries, cafes and boutiques that you never would have known existed. If you choose your route carefully you can even sneak in a bit of window shopping (or a coffee) while you’re at it.

Join A Joburg Running Club

In the age of pricey gym memberships and personal trainers, running can actually help you save cash. These days you can pay upwards of R1000 a month for access to a gym, but running is one of the cheapest ways to get fit. If you love the community feel of a gym or workout class, you can always join a running club on the weekends. There is usually a refreshment station every 5 kilometres and they charge as little as R30 – meaning you can still get social without breaking the bank.

Bring On The Bragging Rights

Chances are you’ll be the only trail runner or runner in your friendship group, which allows you a certain right to brag. Running takes dedication, so you’ve definitely got a right to gloat – especially if you’re out running while everyone else is in bed.

Fitness Johannesburg

The best way to get running is with the Hollard Jozi Urban Run Adventure (or JURA for short). Available in three different distances, this event is for runners of all ages and abilities.
You can opt for the 6 kilometre family fun run, or push yourself with the 12 kilometre and 18 kilometre routes. You can also choose to conquer a series of optional obstacles, including a 50 metre water slide, 5 mountainous blow ups and a floating bridge.

For ticket prices, bookings and more information, visit www.joziadventure.co.za.

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