Would you give any excuse to step on the accelerator the this game is what you need to watch – Vroom Vroom – ALL THE SIM RACING

What Is It?

Catch the racing action with Vroom Vroom – ALL THE SIM RACING. This online gaming -community is all about car, speed and gaming.

The South African Sim Community has been hosting regular online tournaments a while and now it’s even more popular with the quarantine pulling out the gamers onto the online excitement.

How to be part of the community?

You can get hold of Dominus Gaming

Download the Discord app

And join their group for some fun action gaming

Where Is It?


When Is It?

Streamed and casted every Wednesday night.

Tuesday & bi-weekly Sunday evenings  – League with Simsport Racing.

Note: 12 April 2020,  RLM will have a 12 hour endurance race.

How Much Is It?


For More Information

For more information, click here.

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