Visit Colour to Colour in Benoni: A Haven for Creativity, Relaxation, and Community


Nestled in the charming suburb of Lakefield, Benoni, Colour to Colour transcends the label of a mere ceramics studio or pottery cafe. It’s a sanctuary for unleashing creativity, finding solace, and fostering connections. Driven by a love for the enduring art of pottery and a yearning to unite people through shared experiences, their space welcomes you to delve into the therapeutic world of clay and vibrant colours.

A Canvas for Every Imagination

At Colour to Colour, each blank ceramic piece is a canvas yearning for the magic of imagination. They cater to everyone – seasoned artists, curious beginners, or those simply seeking an escape from the daily grind. Their studio exudes a warm and inviting atmosphere, designed to make you feel instantly comfortable. With every swirl of the brush and every gentle mould of clay, their patrons not only create unique pottery pieces, but also forge lasting memories.

Beyond the Studio Walls

They understand that creativity thrives in diverse settings. That’s why they take their passion for pottery on the road! From team-building workshops to exciting community events, their mobile pottery experiences shatter the limitations of traditional studios and ignite artistic expression in every corner. After all, “why confine art to a single space when the world is brimming with potential studios?”

Sip, Paint, and Find Inspiration

Complementing their pottery sessions is their delightful cafe. Here, you can sip on a refreshing beverage while your artistic masterpiece takes shape. It’s a tranquil haven to contemplate, have conversations, or simply watch the world go by, offering a perfect blend of relaxation and inspiration.

Crafting Stories, One Pot at a Time

Colour to Colour encapsulates a story – a story of artistic expression, community spirit, and the simple joys in life. Every ceramic moulded, every cup painted, and every shared laugh adds a chapter to their ever-evolving narrative.

Delve into a world of hands-on learning and personal growth through their diverse workshops and experiences. They offer expert instructors, flexible scheduling, and small groups, creating an ideal environment for skill development, networking, and lifelong learning.

Unleash Your Creativity – Custom Services

From pottery parties to unforgettable bridal showers, they offer a range of customisable services to cater to your specific needs. Choose to host your event at their studio or bring the fun to you. Whether it’s a special occasion, a team-building activity, a party, or simply a unique gathering, their custom pottery packages provide a hands-on, creative experience at your convenience.

For More Information

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You can also contact them by calling 079 438 3971 or emailing

Address: Sunnyside Avenue Lakefield, Benoni, Gauteng.

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