The Most Versatile Land Rover Discovery Yet

The new Discovery is not only extremely good-looking from the outside, it also packs a punch and a half under the hood. We dug in deep and threw it into high gear to bring you a sneak peek of Land Rover’s brand-new machine. 

Phrases such as revolutionary design, innovative technology and ingenious versatility come to mind when looking at Land Rover’s 2017 edition of the ever-popular Discovery. This time round, Land Rover has made it its aim to go for striking design across all of the Discovery’s facets.

With its wrap-around LED lights and sharp windscreen angle, the new Landie is sure to turn heads. Though it looks at home in the city, beneath the surface a beautiful beast is lurking that can take every off-road trail thrown at it. We can all agree that this beautiful machine has evolved from a great to a brilliant piece of engineering. The Discovery series 1 was introduced in 1989, known as Project Jay. Many of the components, such as the vehicle’s drivetrain, was based on that of the Range Rover. This was done to aim the Discovery at a lower price to cut into similar Japanese offerings. Today, the Discovery 1 is a collector’s item as it set a precedent for the in-between on- and off-road vehicle market. The Discovery 1 was a status symbol; this can be seen in its interior design. Land Rover contracted an outside company to design the interior, and gave them only one instruction: “Ignore what’s popular.” This gave the interior design team the ability to experiment with different layouts, textiles and textures.

Landrover Discovery 1

As big as the difference between the Discovery 1 and the latest Discovery 5 is, Land Rover stayed true to a single, simple keyword: versatility. The 2017 Land Rover Discovery was revealed in September 2016 and left the crowd with their jaws on the floor. This versatile and clearly stunning model has just landed on South African shores and is set to drive the luxury SUV market to new heights. The emphasis is on fuel economy while still retaining full off-road capabilities, along with the usual raft of brand-new technologies often seen on new versions of the Discovery.

The all-new Discovery has an 8-speed automatic transmission that’ll leave its competitors in the dust. All petrol and diesel engines are paired with the advanced electronically controlled 8-speed automatic transmission, which has been tuned by Land Rover engineers to combine smooth shifting with an exceptionally rapid response. With eight closely spaced ratios, gear changes are almost imperceptible, with each shift completed in under 200 milliseconds. Their advanced 2.0 litre Ingenium engine is the first 4-cylinder diesel to be used in a full-size Land Rover.

by Shawn Greyling

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