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It is always unbelievably difficult to plan year-end functions that have not been done before. Well, we think we have found an absolute gem! Bring a bit of Las Vegas to your next event with Vegas Nights, a Gauteng-based company that specializes in planning and conducting gaming theme parties. They provide top-of-the-line, high quality gaming equipment and courteous, professional dealers who are trained to help the guests understand and play the various games correctly.

Vegas Nights work with venues throughout Gauteng, providing entertainment for conferences, gala evenings, fundraising events and also private individuals for purely social events. Choose between Blackjack, Roulette, Craps, Caribbean Stud Poker, and Bacarate – and let the professionals provide you with en evening you will never forget!

How does it Work?
To start, Vegas Nights staff arrive a few hours prior to the event to set up all the table games and accessories for the evening event. The croupiers for the evening arrive a half an hour prior to the opening. Of course, all dealers are properly attired with black shoes, black slacks/skirts, white tuxedo shirts with cuffs and black bow ties.

How do I begin Gambling?
Vegas Nights personnel are positioned at the front (ballroom, house foyer, etc…) where they hand out funny-money to each player in attendance. Traditionally, each player receives approximately 1500 worth of funny-money. Minimum bets at the tables range from 5 to 100. Players may then proceed to any gaming table where they can exchange their money for gaming chips. Vegas Nights provides gaming chips of varying design and denominations. For a nominal cost, they can personalize the funny money with either a company logo or a picture of the CEO.

Chip values are printed on the chips and read 5, 50, 100, 500.

What if I don't know how to play a specific game?
Vegas Nights staff is professionally trained on all table games and are eager to teach the novice gambler the rules of the game(s). Their professional staff encourage each person in attendance to participate regardless of their knowledge of the games.

What happens at the end of the evening?
Usually, the host arranges to have prizes awarded at the end of the evening. There are many ways that we can assist you with the close out process.

Prizes can however be awarded for:
* The player who takes the most chances
* The player who plays with the most flair
* The player who is first to loose all his money

Where can I hold my "Vegas Night"?
Hotel ballrooms, country clubs, function venues and night clubs are most common venues for Vegas Nights parties. They offer large, well lit spaces, ample parking for your guests, and food and beverage services. They have even transformed a boardroom into an amazing gaming facility, complete with all the flashing lights and décor, and have worked in a number of venues and will gladly recommend a suitable one for your group.

How much space do I need?
Vegas Nights staff will work out exactly how much space you require for your gaming event. However, as a rough planning tool, figure out how much space would be required for a sit down dinner for the number of guests you are expecting - this is approximately equal to how much space the gaming event will take up for the same number of guests. Add to that space needed for dinning tables, buffet tables, bars DJ, dance floor, etc. They will be happy to inspect the proposed venue in order to assess it's suitability on your behalf.

What games should I have, and how many?
This depends on a lot of factors. How many guests will be attending? the gaming the only form of entertainment? it a fund raiser or just entertainment?...Once again their staff are eager to advise on your requirements.

For estimating purposes, with a party of 200 guests or so where the gaming event is the main entertainment for the evening, they normally design it so you have "gaming capacity" for about 60% of the number of guests you expect at the event. ("Gaming capacity is the number of guests that can be playing at any given moment). This is done because not everyone will want to play at the same time…remember, it's a party and your guests are eating, drinking, and socializing too.

On a rough scale they would recommend the following:

No. of Guests - Equipment recommended
25 - 1 Black Jack & 1 Roulette
50 - 2 Black Jack & 1 Roulette
100 - 4 Black Jack & 2 Roulette
150 - 6 Black Jack & 3 Roulette
200 - 8 Black Jack & 4 Roulette

They also offer Caribbean Stud Poker, Punter Bunco (Bacarate) and Craps tables. These tables can be substituted for one of the above.

How long should the event be?
When you contract with them, you have them for up to three hours of actual gaming time. However most entertainment events they do have the gaming event open for about 2 and a 1/2 hours. Experience has shown that after that, guests begin to get bored and lose interest. If needed, they can build in additional gaming time into your event.


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