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Vegan Food Stalls Around Joburg

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We all love markets. Why? Well, because it is where we can get some of the most scrumptious food from the variety of food stalls. We're talking freshly made nachos smothers in cheese, sour cream and guacamole and healthy wraps filled with fresh veggies and warm falafels. Or delicious and comforting curries and huge charcoal bun burgers. We love market food stalls, so we've compiled a list of some of our favourite vegan food stalls. 

Vegeata, Vegan Catering & Food Stand

Our readers are well aware of how much we love Vegeata, as we can not stop going on about this food stall. You only need taste one of the many menu items to understand why. Some of these menu items include a fried tofu bao bun, pulled jackfruit nachos and delectable fried mushrooms. Our current favourite is the Fried Chick'n and Bacun Burger. This features a fresh bun topped with crispy bacun, creamy ranch, lettuce, tomato and the juiciest piece of fried chick'n. You can find Vegeata at various markets. But if that isn't enough (and it really isn't) then you can find their delicious cupcakes and sandwiches at Jackson's Real Food Market or get their ginormous doughnuts at The Fussy Vegan.

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The Chaat Cart

This food stall makes some amazingly tasty Indian food. All of their food is vegetarian, but they do pop up at the popular vegan markets. They specialise in chaat (short for chatpatta), meaning "lip-smacking". This is a sentiment that could not be more true, as the flavours in their pani puri, sev puri and bhel puri are truly lip smacking. This food truck is available at various events and markets, so keep an eye on their Facebook page to find them.

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The Wrap Shack

We love wraps, in all shapes, colours and sizes. And The Wrap Shack is certainly giving us a rainbow of wraps. They have white, yellow, green, orange and pink wraps. They fill these colourful blankets with a variety of delicious and healthy options such as falafels, rainbow salads, salsa and avo. This is definitely the cuisine of choice for those wanting to have healthy and tasty food. Check out their Facebook page to stay up to date with the events and markets where you'll be able to find them.

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The Flip Side Cafe

This food stall provides allergy free wraps and pancakes. Not only do they make yummy wraps, stews, curries, rusks and other baked goods. But they also make a truly epic chai tea and vegan hot chocolate. You can also grab a slice or two of their impeccable cakes and tarts. But our favourite has got to be the Patty Stack; a sweet potato rosti topped with smoked chilli mayo, lettuce, a lentil patty, baby marrow patty, olive tapenade and micro greens. Check out their Facebook page to see their upcoming events.

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Leafy Greens

Leafy Greens Cafe is a buffet-style eatery in the picturesque Muldersdrift. They offer healthy vegan fare that leaves us wanting more. They often have food stalls at our favourite vegan markets. Some of their best options available include the Beyond Burger, featuring the ever-popular Beyond Meat Burger patty. But we are suckers for all their decadent baked treats such as the rich chocolate cake and the creamy cheesecake. Not only do they sell their vegan fare at markets and their restaurant, but they also offer cooking classes. Check out their Facebook page for more.

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Herbi Vohr

That's right! Our favourite seitan biltong producer is now also a food stall. Herbi Vohr has recently started using their own produce to make mouth-watering meals for their patrons. The items on their menu includes a vegan breakfast and some refreshing sandwiches made from their deli cuts. Vegan markets will now have not one, but two Herbi Vohr stalls, one for the freshly made meals and another where you can purchase their seitan meats such as their famous biltong. Have a look at their Facebook page to see any upcoming events, fantastic recipes and retailers.

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