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Vaalkop Dam

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The Vaalkop Dam is situated 54 km north of Brits, near Beestekraal and north-east of Rustenburg, in typical broken bushveld country. It is renowned as both an anglers and birdwatching destination.

Fish species include carp and yellowfish which are plentiful, making Vaalkop a particularly attractive angling destination.

Vaalkop is easy to reach from both Pretoria and Johannesburg, making this an ideal weekend camping or day excursion.

A campsite with basic amenities for campers and day visitors is provided.

Boating is permitted over certain parts of the 1 045 hectare dam giving access to a central island and to some special fishing sites. Some 800 hectare of the 1 054 hectare of water surface has been set aside for watersports.

The reserve is stocked with a variety of bushveld game species and is host to over 340 species of birds.

The dam is divided into two conservation areas. On the south eastern sector boating, camping, picnicking and angling is permitted.

On the sector furthest from the dam wall strict conservation restrictions apply and is only opened by prior arrangement to bird clubs and researchers.

Although visitors enjoy angling and boating opportunities at Vaalkop Dam, this 3 996 ha nature reserve is tailor-made for bird watchers. Over 340 bird species have been recorded in the reserve.

An 800 ha section of the reserve has been set aside as a bird sanctuary (which is not open to the general public). Those wishing to observe the birds must book in advance.


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