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Food Is The Life When Your Palate Wonders And Your Mouth Waters

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I'm sure you can agree that if you really enjoy food, the best thing you can do for yourself is explore and that's why I had to share these top 3 restaurants that will have you weak at the knees.  

As a person who is absolutely and completely in love with good food, visiting a new restaurant is definitely a hobby. I never deprive myself of a tasty variety and exploring the goodness the foodie world has to offer.

Trust me, the best people to feed are explorers. I'm not saying feed me Madagascan cockroaches, but I'm more than willing to try something that won't look like it wants to eat me and not the other way around. So, because I love sharing my experiences, I just had to share these awesome restaurants (my rule is, when you really love people - you feed the hell out of them), so here goes nothing.

Unique Restaurants

Hell's Kitchen

I had to start with this ball of unique and quirky because I am extra as extra can be, but would you blame me if I told you that the first thing I saw when I landed on their website is "Be Naked When I Get Home". If you don't believe me, by all means, please check out Hell's Kitchen.

This stand-out restaurant situated in Melville has to be the best when it comes to good food and music, what a combo, right? They have a little bit of a bite to them (pun intended). This spot was inspired by what has be one of my favourite places in the world, New York, and they sure this to the vision of the space with smokey vibe vintage and warm touches.

Their signature touch - they have two cool chefs who make bread at the restaurant. This bread is to die for, so pay them a visit.


Their name just oozes with modern creativity! Urbanologi is situated at the trendy 1Fox The Sheds (so if beer is also your thing, two birds, one stone) which has to be one of the artistic and creative markets in Joburg. As we mentioned, beer and one stone, Mad Giant is nearby.

Anyway, back to Urbanologi! This is one restaurant you won't help but notice. The unique touches are so minimalist with plenty of unique stand out pieces. Their menu is just as unique, so if the plan is to visit a vibey environment and allow your palate to discover a burst of flavour and journey through something new - this is the spot, mate.

Can I just say, whether you are seated inside or outside, you will have something to look at without a doubt. This amazing place boasts with so much potential and creativity, it's a breath of fresh air.

Churchills Bar

Apart from the fact that my British accent is on point, the Brits vibe is exactly what the Churchill Bar is inspired by. This upmarket joint is situated in one of the most upmarket areas in Joburg, Melrose Arch.

If you want to soak up good vibes with some friends or even spoil a client, this is definitely the place. The food is just mouthwatering and they have scintillating platters to tickle your taste buds. May I add, if you smile at the thought of pairing whiskey and cigars, you are in for a treat. Churchills has an array of amazing cigars and quality whiskeys, champagnes, etc. See more here!

With all that said, that's it from me....Enjoy!


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