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The Ultimate Play Mat For Your Baby

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We dive into the nitty-gritty of baby mats and why they are so important in teaching baby how to grow stronger.  

One of the most important benefits of a play mat is the development of gross motor SKILLS in infants. These skills include the way a baby uses their arms, legs or whole body to move. As your baby grows into a child, it's the crucial development of these muscles that will allow the kiddo to sit, crawl and eventually walk. A study conducted by the University Medical Centre of Utrecht systematically examined the gross motor development of infants between the ages of 0 and 18 months and found that babies who were laid on play mats and given toys to play developed gross motor skills much quicker than those who weren't stimulated as such.

A good quality play mat is worth its weight in gold and allows for a safe and sterile surface for an infant to roll around on. Play mats also help babies explore their environment through their senses.  This brings us to Lots 4 Tots, a company that specialises in luxury baby products developed for growing babies and children. Their play mats are made of a combination of acrylic and urethane on the outside, and resin foam on the inside. These materials ensure that the mat can be cleaned and cared for hassle-free. An important bonus is that the mats are completely water proof, made from non-slip material (which allows for the mats to be placed on tiles, wooden floors and other slippery surfaces), and can last up to 10 years when it comes to durability. Another plus is that the softness of these mats offer great cushioning if baby takes a bit of a tumble.

Lots 4 Tots play mats allow for a colourful and educationally stimulating floor area to play on and can be used up to the age of eight years old – so, it's an investment that pays for itself through its longevity of use. These mats also play a big role in tummy time, which is essential for developing strong neck and shoulder muscles. The stimulating surface keeps little ones entertained and the thick cushioning is the perfect comfort-space for both parent and child. is teaming up with Lots 4 Tots and offering our readers a discount coupon code (NOV17) to use when checking out your basket on their website (valid until 30 November 2017). Visit 


By Shawn Greyling


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