Let the Tekken Games begin…

What Is It?

If you are into gaming and are always ready for the next fun game, you need to watch the action LIVE on UGCZA Fighting Game Fans – DRAGON NINJA LASER EYES.

This is a competition is being arranged by UGCZA who are working on exciting projects to keep the country entertained through gaming local Fighting Games Community.

The event was originally meant to be a long format offline tournament that would start at RUSH and end with a final event at rAge expo 2020. When COVID-19 hit and physical gatherings of more than 50 people, banned – the team decided to improvise. They’ve restructured the league idea to focus on monthly league matches with players competing each week.

How this will work is as follows:

Each week will see players going head to head.

The Top 3 of each week will move to the final Top 9 at the end of the month and compete for a prize pool of R3000.

Tekken players to have the chance to compete online. 

Where Is It?


When Is It?

Not Specified – Check live gaming updates.

How Much Is It?


For More Information

For more information, click here.

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