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Treasure Your Kids' Best Memories

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Kids grow up so fast — you don't want to miss every cute little moment of theirs. Wondering how to best treasure these memories? Here are our top options.   

Hard Copy

Photo Albums

Capture moments worth cherishing forever with Tandee Weinberg Photography. She knows how to add fun to every shoot and besides which, this is a great excuse to dress up the whole family. She also offers maternity and newborn shoots. You can get wonderful photo albums from her to treasure your special images.

Record Books

New parents usually love record books. Also known as memory books, they help you keep track of your baby's growth starting from pregnancy. If you missed the boat with your pregnancy, you can find record books that are specifically for the first year of your baby's life and beyond. And what's the big deal with record books anyway? Well, there are sections where you can add your baby's foot and handprints, list inoculation updates, weight, height and more. Basically, it's a visual reminder of everything to do with your baby, even their first word! There are gender-specific, religious and neutral versions available, so there's something for everyone. Have a look at Baby City or Exclusive Books.


Scrapbooking is an art form, in case you didn't know. It's a fun and creative way to record your kids' best (and worst and funniest!) memories. It can be time-consuming, so set aside a few Saturdays to get it done, but it's all worth the effort to have something unique and custom-made. There's no better place to get your scrapbooks and scrapbooking material than from PNA. For more creative freedom with your scrapbooking material, Herbert Evansart shop is the place to go. And if you're lucky, you may even have a local scrapbooking shop in your area.


Email Account

In the world of technology, keeping a hard copy version of anything might be risky – once a hard copy is lost or damaged, there's little that can be done to recover or restore it. A way to keep track of memories that's growing in popularity is for parents to create an email account, where they can email through images, stories, songs and letters. Once the child is old enough, the parents make a gift of this email account (password included), so that they can access all the memories, starting from when they were a baby. This could easily become the new trend in parenthood. Give it a try.

In The Cloud

If you're planning to save big files, such as videos, then an email account won't have enough memory. Creating a cloud storage account, such as Dropbox, Google Drive or iCloud, is the next best thing. Not only can you save and treasure your kids' best memories, but you can also pass the account onto them when they reach school or varsity. Plus, you can always buy more storage to add to your account, which means you – and your child– will never run out of space.

Facebook or Instagram 

Creating a Facebook or Instagram account for children is the new thing to do – spearheaded by millennial parents. Not only can you record your kid's memories in a cute way, but you also get to share the moment with friends and family – no matter where they may be in the country or the world. It's also interesting to see the child's personality through their parents' eyes. Some of our favourite children's Instagram accounts are listed below:



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Are you keeping a record of your kids' best moments? Tell us how below!

4 comments on “Treasure Your Kids' Best Memories”

  1. well I dont have kids yet , just the most awesome nephew and i love taking pics of him and all pics go in a large collage in the lounge every week

  2. I am a grandmother and my grandkids have soooo much ooph. Love Kitasha and Kiara absolutely the best in my life.

  3. We keep all our photos, and there is a lot, on the laptop, backed up onto an external hard drive and also backed up to memory sticks. We try and print them also but there are just too many!!!!

  4. I started writing a diary when I fell pregnant. Plus I have a fb account filled with her updates. I'm obsessed with this angel of mine and every milestone and moment has been recorded.

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