Top Ways To Get Your Kimchi Fix

Enjoy these fresh ideas on how to get your fix of kimchi, a vitamin-rich Korean superfood.


Kimchi is a Korean pickled side dish made of cabbage and spices. This powerful superfood is extremely flavourful – plus, it’s a natural probiotic, which means it helps promote a healthy digestive system.

Are you unsure how to eat more of this fantastic low-calorie condiment? Here are some ways you can savour more of this yummy, vitamin-rich superfood.

Kimchi Grilled Cheese

Have you ever experienced the magic of kimchi and cheese? Add kimchi to a grilled cheese sandwich for a tasty warm lunch. Its spice and tanginess is the perfect complement to a cheese sandwich’s creamy texture.

Sautéed Kimchi

Sauté kimchi with winter greens like Brussels sprouts, Swiss chard and kale. When you cook with kimchi, a well-aged (one-month-old or more) batch will have complex, fermented flavours that’ll take well to sautéed dishes. Add olive oil or grass-fed butter to kimchi for a smoky, umami flavour. You can even add a dash of soy sauce for deeper flavours.

Kimchi Baked Potatoes

Top plain baked potatoes with kimchi and a dash of sour cream. Scalloped potatoes also get a lift from the delicious tanginess of kimchi.

Kimchi And Bacon Stir-Fry

Pan sauté firm kimchi, bacon and tofu for a super-satisfying weekday meal. You can even wrap the stir fry in fresh lettuce leaves and drizzle with sesame seed oil for added flavour. Yum! Now our tummies are rumbling.

Kimchi Scrambled Eggs

Tired of plain old scrambled eggs with chives? Add a cup of kimchi to kickstart your morning! You may also choose to garnish the dish with finely-chopped green onion.

What are your favourite ways to eat kimchi? Tell us in the comments below.

by Candice May

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