Top Tips To Manage Your Busy Schedule

You already know that a busy schedule can be harmful to your health, so now what? Use these handy tips to take back your health by managing your jam-packed schedule. It’s easier than you think!


It would be easy to suggest that improving your health is as easy as cutting back on your obligations, sticking to a dedicated schedule, and always making healthy food choices.

But let’s get real here: this city moves fast, and it isn’t always possible to stick to a regimen. Here are a few tips for taking back control of your busy schedule and good health.

Prepare Meals For The Week

Make a habit of grocery shopping and spending two hours every Sunday evening preparing meals for the week ahead. That might mean steaming a few chicken breasts for dinner, preparing salads for lunch, or just washing fruits and vegetables so they’re ready to grab and go or toss into your juicer.

Schedule Alone Time

Schedule 30 minutes or so every week to do a relaxing activity completely alone. It can be taking a stroll around the block with your favourite soundtrack or even a meditation session. This will help you reconnect with yourself without any distractions.

Switch Your Phone Onto Airplan Mode

Do this for 20 to 30 minutes before bed. It’ll help create a quiet space in which you can begin to truly relax and reflect on the day before you drift off to sleep.

Connect With A Friend

Just about everything is easier (not to mention more fun) with a friend. Connect with someone who’s also looking to take their self-care to the next level. Check in on one another or meet up for healthy meals.

Build A Buffer

It’s smart to give your body a bit of insurance – a buffer for when your best intentions go awry. A simple supplementation programme can give you all the important nutrients you need that you might not be getting from your diet.

Here’s to a healthier, less stressful schedule!

By Candice May

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