Top Ten Life Hacks For Your Car

Life-hacks save us trouble and time. This should be applied to all aspects of our daily lives – that includes the time spent in and around our precious, precious cars. Here are some car life-hacks just for you.



Makeshift Cell Phone Holder

By tying an elastic band in and out of your dashboard’s centre air vent, you can secure your phone without the use of a cell phone stand.

Pool Noodle Door Stop

If you cut a pool noodle in half and fasten each half to the walls of your garage where your car doors open, you won’t have any more bumpy accidents.

Buffing Headlights

Are your headlights fogging up and you don’t have plastic buffer in the garage? No worries. Grab a shimmy cloth and some tooth paste. Buff in the tooth paste and wipe off. There you go.

Shoe as Cup Holder

Did your car’s centre console not come with cup holders? Take off a shoe and stick your soft drink in there. Riding solo has never been easier. No spillage guaranteed.

Petrol Gauge Pointer

If you’ve been driving your car for a while and still don’t know which side your petrol cap is on just have a look at the petrol gauge on your car’s cluster (that’s where your speedometer and so forth is) – there should be a triangle pointing to the side it’s on.


Where Did I Park?

We live in the age of technology and this has provided us with awesome tools. One such tool is intended to assist us in figuring out where we parked… which happens to be needed fairly often. Where Did I Park? is available from Google Play.

Use Hair Dryer to Remove Stickers

Heating up the glue of that old bumper sticker of yours for a minute or two will have it peel right off. Bye, #EatMyDust.

Rental Status

When you pick up your fancy rental car from the agency, be sure to take photos of the interior and exterior as to prove that any damage incurred after you returned it was not your doing. This saves you more times than you would imagine.

Petroleum Jelly Makes Stuff Shiny

Well, this works best on the outside of the car. If the black plastic on your ride needs some shining, then take a clean cloth and rub some petroleum jelly on them. The shine will come back tenfold

Coasting Downhill

Whenever you’re about to go down a hill, pop the car into neutral and save some petrol. This stops the carbs or injectors from pushing precious dinosaur juice into the engine.



By Shawn Greyling

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