Top Rib Joints In Johannesburg

Sticky goodness. Tender meat. That’s all we want when it comes to ribs. And, with so many eateries serving B-grade vleis, we’ve taken it upon ourselves to present to you the list of all lists to finally end the best ribs in town debate. Check it out.


Thunder Gun

This steakhouse and pub has been around since the late ’60s and, since its opening, has been packed to the brim almost every day of the week. Why? Because they serve the best ribs in town, at a kilogram a pop. Head down to Northcliff and try it out for yourself.

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In Parkhurst, there’s a place that serves ribs so fine that they need to warn customers not to bite their own fingers off by mistake. Craft sports some of the stickiest ribs in town and they deserve your sampling. On top of that, the eatery boasts a brilliant cocktail menu, but we know all you care about is the bone to meat ratio of your rack. That’s okay – we like you for it.

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The Grillhouse

According to Condé Nast Traveller, The Grillhouse serves some of the best steak on the continent, but what about their ribs? Well, there’s a very good reason why they’ve made our list of top ribs in Joburg. Yup, beef or pork, it doesn’t matter. It comes with a choice of chips or veggies, and you can choose if you’d want your ribs basted or spiced. Obviously you’ll have to visit twice to be able to judge this properly. It wouldn’t be fair, otherwise, you know?

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Alpine Restaurant

Ferndale is known as the TV business district of South Africa but a little secret kept by those who work and live here is Alpine Restaurant. Some of the best ribs in Randburg can be ordered just down Bram Fischer Drive. Keep this in mind the next time you watch the sports at Paddy’s and feel like grabbing some sticky goodness. The main reason why the Alpine serves such amazing ribs is because the restaurant is part of a butchery as well.

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