Top Post-Workout Drinks

Can’t seem to build up muscle? Too tired to go back the next day? There’s a good chance the problem isn’t your gym routine – it’s what’s in your glass! Here are four powerhouse drinks to make every workout count.


Protein Shake

Whey protein will provide your body with fat-torching, energy-restoring protein as well as lactoferrin for immune support. Those muscles aren’t going to build themselves – especially not after a hard gym session as proteins degrade faster than ever. And that’s where a protein shake comes in to help. Just one scoop of whey protein in a glass of milk or water is enough after a workout.

Green Tea

Green tea is the new green juice. It’ll give you an energy boost together with fat-burning, free radical-fighting compounds. We usually brew up a batch of ginger-infused green tea before we leave for the gym. That way, it’s perfectly chilled to sip on by the time we get back home.

Cherry Juice

You already know that cherries are good for your sex life, right? Well, the same arsenal of antioxidants that get things going in the bedroom will help you out at the gym, too! Just be sure to avoid brands made from concentrate. Fresh juices are more likely to preserve the beneficial anthocyanins and flavonoids naturally found in cherries.

Chocolate Milk

That’s right – a refreshing glass of cold chocolate milk is a top post-workout drink. It’ll give your body all the hydration and nutrients it needs to recover from a workout. We avoid store-bought chocolate milk because most brands contain lots of added sugar, and blend up our own at home instead.

What’s your favourite drink to sip on to help your body recover after a workout?

By Candice May

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