Top Places To Get Pesach Gifts

So you’ve been invited for a Pesach meal but don’t know what sort of gift to get your host? We’ve done the thinking for you… take a look at our top picks.


House Of Judaica

House of Judaica has a whole bunch of great Pesach gifts for you to choose from. How about a set of candleholders? They’re useful and your host will think of you every time the candles are lit. If you’d prefer something more traditionally Pesach-related, they also sell a matzah plate that’ll make a great addition to anyone’s seder table.


This online store has it all. How about giving your host a set of silver-plated wine cups? They have a whole Judaica section on their site so if that’s not what you want to get, then browse through their website and see what catches your eye – they’ve got some real gems.

Selwyn Segal

The Selwyn Segal gift shop is a great place to pick up a little something for your seder host. A classic pewter tray is something very useful, especially for someone who hosts dinners frequently. Another option is to make a donation to the Selwyn Segal in your host’s name – giving charity on their behalf is a real mitzvah.


When you’ve got so many gifts to choose from and you feel overwhelmed, a simple orchid is a great idea to give your host as it’s something that’ll last them a while and bring beauty into their home. Take a look at Netflorist’s range of plants and flowers.

Carrol Boyes

Carrol Boyes is always a favourite with a variety of gifts and choose from. Their Judaica section on their website is filled with awesome ideas, including Mezuzot, Kiddish cups and seder plates.

Jewish Woman’s Benevolent Society

The Jewish Woman’s Benevolent Society has a number of Pesach gifts on their website. All proceeds from the gifts go towards this fantastic welfare organisation, so be sure to visit their website and make a difference by clicking here.

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