Top Outdoor Activities In Amsterdam

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When visiting this city, there is tons of stuff to see and do. Here are our favourite ways to explore and experience Amsterdam. Brian Kinney /

Book A Bike Ride

The number one mode of transport in Amsterdam is the bicycle. The city is known for two-wheeled transport and bicycles have right of way over cars. Book yourself a bike ride at any of the bike stands and explore Amsterdam at your own pace and leisure.

Go For A Boat Ride

Known as the Venice of the North, Amsterdam is scattered with canals and waterways. See the sights from the comfort of a slow and steady boat. Cruising the canals is an authentic and fun way to explore the gem of the Netherlands.

Rent A Scooter

If you're not too keen on peddling through the streets and prefer something a bit more motorised, why not grab a Vespa scooter and zip through traffic. Most rental agents offer group discounts, and scooters can be rented out for the whole day so you can take in as many sights and sounds as possible.

Visit The Zoo

In the middle of Amsterdam, you will find the Natura Artis Magistra. The oldest zoo in the country is not only home to some amazing species like orangutangs and camels but also has an aquarium and planetarium in the historic buildings on-site.

Walking Tours

There are many free walking tours available in Amsterdam and this is one of the best ways to get up close and personal with the streets and canals of the city. On these tours, you will visit historic buildings, modern street art and everything in between. And remember, all that walking deserves a bite to eat.

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