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Mid-Range Smart Phones

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The new generation of mid-range mobile phones have come to conquer the market. We did a quick review of the top five phones out there that won't break the bank or your heart because of under performance.  FotorCreated1

Samsung Galaxy J6

Smooth and sexy: that's what the Galaxy J6 is all about. The phone houses a 13MP rear camera and an 8MP front camera. The battery life is fair, lasting up to 21 hours during talk time (3G) and a whopping 76 hours with just the music player going. The J6 is the perfect example of a mid-range phone with a premium look and feel.

Huawei Y7 2019

This sleek device has 3GB of RAM running through its veins making the Y7 one kicker of a hand-held device. Front-facing cameras are usually low hitters but Huawei has opted for an 8MP camera, making sure your selfies come out crisper than that of their competitors.

Sony Xperia L2

The camera on this machine boasts 13MP rear and a 8MP front. The battery life is average with 3300 mAh. The size of the phone is a little bit bigger than average at 15 x 78 x 9 mm. Overall this phone is a perfectly average option; average specs and average cost. This device is a good choice for those looking for 'just a phone' and could't be bothered by high tech mambo jumbo.


LG K11

Did you know that LG stands for Lucky Goldstar? Now you do. Anyway, the K11 boasts a fingerprint sensor and smart lock. The battery life is an average 3000 mAh and the rear camera hits a cool 13MP without breaking a sweat, the front camera is 8MP with the added selfie portrait mode.

Hisense Infinity H12 Lite

Hisense is not a popular brand of phones in South Africa. However, their tech is well known and has a good reputation. So why not give their phones a try with the Hisense Infinity H12 Lite? The H12 reps a 16MP front camera and a 12 and 5MP duel rear camera. This device also boasts a 4GB RAM and a 32 GB internal memory.

Nokia 5.1

This device was crafted out of a single block of aluminium with comfort and durability in mind and is 40% more powerful than previous models, according to Nokia. The camera boasts 16MP rear and 8MP front. The screen has HD display with a 18:9 ratio for ultimate video and game viewing.

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Note: This list was relevant to the market at the time of publishing.

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