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Joburgs Top Kid-Friendly Malls

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School holidays are the best - and not only for the kids. Traffic in the morning becomes a breeze, parents don't have to worry about homework and malls host fun stuff for kids to do. If you don't know what to do with your young one, then look no further than this comprehensive guide to kid-friendly malls.  shutterstock_434372674-1


Fancy some ice skating? Then head to Northgate and get carving on the ice. The Ice Rink guarantees a fun-filled day for all the movers and skaters.

This amazing indoor arena offers a variety of rates to suite your pocket including group rates, skate hire entities, and card hire entities too.

Also, if you can't skate and would like to learn, the ice arena runs a skating academy with eight-week courses, held on Wednesday evenings and Saturday mornings.

Plus, for all those hungry skaters, a kiosk is available for some refreshments.

Want to catch the latest movie? Century CinemaX is a cinema a cut above the rest.

They have a dedicated kids cinema called Play Room, furnished with comfortable sofas and lazy boys specifically for the younger viewer, and relaxing glider seats for the tired parents.

Kids entertainment starts way before the movie begins: a colourful jungle gym conveniently situated in the cinema lobby allows for some stretch and play. Kids can also doodle, scribble, and unleash their imagination on a chalkboard wall.

There's a variety of treats including different flavoured popcorns, candy floss, slush and hot chocolate in a cone.

Also, located at Entrance 8 next to Cotton On is an Indoor Play Area where shoppers can catch their breath and let the kids have some fun.

Fourways Mall

Fourways offers a number of attractions and entertainment activities that's sure to delight all ages.

Kids can enjoy a few rounds of putt-putt at the Adventure Golf course on the lower level of the mall.

Or why not jump around and blow off some energy at Bounce Inc, also on the lower level?

And last but certainly not least, play some classic or high tech arcade games at the Fun Company.

Bounce Inc

Cedar Square 

A stone's throw away from Fourways Mall, Cedar Square is a wonderland for the little ones.

It features The Slope - a 75m long, purpose built ski deck over 20m high covered in a high speed surface that allows for tubing. Rides start from R85 for 30 minutes and booking is essential.

On the ground floor, there is a massive play area filled with jungle gyms, soccer pitches and goalie posts.

To be a kid at Cedar Square is something adults can envy. Speaking of adults, there's a lot of cool shops to check out while the kids do kids stuff. The play area is under supervision, and young adults play with the children and make sure that they do not scrape their knees or bump their heads during play time.

Cresta Shopping Centre

Cresta is absolutely great for kids - not just because of the many kid-centric stores like Toys R Us, Toy Kingdom, Build A Bear, kids athletic apparel shop X-Kids and BT Games, but their unique attractions.

This includes CrestAquarium - a mid-size aquarium inside the mall! The aquarium features 32 specially selected exotic reef fish, and a crawl space underneath for you to get a closer view through the dome.


Image from Cresta Shopping Centre.

Catch the latest movie at Ster Kinekor cinema, or let the kids loose at Route 66 for arcade gaming, bowling, or bumper cars.

For weary little feet, there's also an indoor hop-on-hop-off train that chugs through the center. Rides cost R20.

Cresta has also recently launched their very own Go Karting track, called Jozi Kart, near Entrance 4 on level 1 of the parking area. It is open every day, and karting prices start from R100 for 5 minutes.

Be sure to follow Cresta on Facebook for news on kids events.

Clearwater Mall

With a dedicated play area right next to the food court, a frozen yoghurt parlour upstairs and a massive 3D cinema, Clearwater Mall is packed with fun stuff to do.

Kids can run up and down, and climb and slide their way to happiness.

You can keep an eye on the little ones as you enjoy one of the many fine restaurants that litter the massive food court... or maybe send them off to the cinema upstairs with popcorn money. Either way, they are sure in for a great time.

Greenstone Shopping Centre

Kids are super welcome at Greenstone Shopping Centre. With a designated play area, loads of cool gadget stores to check out and a Rush trampoline park, the sky is the limit.

There's also a bowling alley, arcade and a 3-D cinema. The only thing left to do is let the children run wild while you sit back and enjoy a bingo session or a hearty meal at one of the many brilliant restaurants.

Have your little ones played at any of these malls before? Let us know if they had fun in the comments section below. Sharing is caring, so post this on social media!

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