Top Dishes for Training Cyclists

If you are just starting out with cycling, like the journalist writing this then you probably thought, ‘but what must I eat?’ Don’t worry too much about it because we’ve taken it upon ourselves to be the guinea pigs here. These are some meal ideas for budding bikers.


Cottage Cheese and Ostrich Steak Wraps

It’s not all about carbo-loading. This dish here is all about the protein. The main role of protein is to act as a structural component of cells and tissues. Without adequate protein in your diet, your cells and tissues would not be able to function. This cottage cheese and ostrich wrap does not only taste great but will give you the necessary amino acids your muscles need to perform under pressure. 

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Fruit and Nut Bowl

Snacking is important. It keeps the metabolism going in between breakfast, lunch and dinner and hey, snacking is awesome. The fruit and nut bowl makes use of apples, almonds and oranges to deliver a power packed snack, filled with the necessary nutrients which often lack in our set meals.

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Banana Bread in a Bowl

Go bananas for bananas. These yellow little buggers are high in potassium, magnesium and the good kind of carbs. They are wonderful and portable. Just throw them in whenever and wherever you can. To celebrate the banana, we’ve included this lovely breakfast recipe to get you started.

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Bourbon Glazed Salmon

Just let the bourbon glaze slide for now, okay? Whiskey is made from a grain anyway, so technically it’s not “an empty calorie”. Salmon, on the other hand, now that stuff is so stuffed with Omega 3 fatty acids that it almost justifies its price in restaurants. Fish is a major source of protein for cyclists and salmon is the le meilleur thereof.

Click here for the recipe.


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