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Top Coffee Shops in Melville

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Melville is a little suburb built on late night parties and mid morning brunches. What's the best cure for a hangover? Coffee.. and lots of it. Here's our guide to the best java cafes in Melville. West-Berlin-DSC_7393-2

Cafe De La Creme

Right on the corner of 4th avenue and 7th street is a little cafe and bakery which made its way to us from France. Cafe De La Creme serves only the best French roasted java with a complementary in-house baked biscuit.

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Bread & Roses

Two brothers from Zimbabwe opened Bread & Roses in September 2015 and have since grown the eatery from a little known bistro to one of the busiest spots on 7th street. The coffee is good and freshly ground each morning.

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Rubi Roastery & Coffee Bar

Well, the name says it all. Ruby Roastery & Coffee is bar is serious about their coffee, and so should they be as they serve some of the best in town. Double espresso with a glass of cold water, please. That'll put some graphite in your pencil.

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Service Station

One of the most popular breakfasts spots in Melville needs to serve the best coffee right? If T.S. Elliot measured his life with coffee spoons then those cups of black gold were served at the Service Station in Melville. The Cappuccinos are delicate yet pack a punch.

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IT Corner

Where else can you get your laptop fixed while you have brunch and a well deserved cup of house brand coffee? The IT Corner packs its own brand of Marakesh coffee beans which are ground in house. Fresh coffee on call, baby... that's what it's all about.

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By Shawn Greyling

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