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Joburg's Top 5 Choices For Blogging Platforms

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In our evolving technological age, everyone has a voice on the Internet. And one of the best ways to have your voice heard is on a blog. Check out our top blogging platform picks and start blogging!


Tumblr is best suited for those that want to blog more visually inclined posts. If you are not so much a writer but perhaps a photographer and want to share your images, this is the best platform for you. Tumblr is also great for sourcing images, so even if you don't have your own images to share, you can repost other existing images that reflect your style and taste. Tumblr is popular among fashion bloggers and photographers, however anyone can join! The platform is not only limited to images; it is also great for sourcing and sharing quotes – a lot of poets also use Tumblr. Longer written posts are also available to post and repost on Tumblr.

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WordPress works well with both text and images. Most bloggers like WordPress because of its versatility and options to personalise and even do a spot of coding. Of course, some of the personalisation will require an extra fee since the free elements can be limiting. However, this does not take away from the platform. Popular for mostly written posts, WordPress is great for those interested in writing articles, short stories and longer posts in general. The platform also makes it easy for people to follow your blog with a 'follow by email' option, so your readers don't have to sign up on WordPress to follow your blog if they just want to read.

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Blogger also works well with both text and images. If you mostly want to write and post your images and aren't too concerned with personalising and/or coding, Blogger is best for you as it is not as versatile in that way. The template styles are set so unless you know coding really well, what you see is what you get. However, the template style options still give a range that is sure to appeal to most people. Blogger is also easy to use and link to your other Google apps as it is under the main Google umbrella. This platform also offers a 'follow by email' option if your readers do not have a Google account to follow your Google+ profile or blog itself. Blogger also allows you to share and keep track of your favourite blogs.

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Medium is best for readers and writers. Unlike most blogs and blog platforms, Medium thrives on different viewpoints rather than just views. On Medium the quality of the ideas presented is worth more than your credentials, which is great because not every writer or aspiring writer has a writing qualification but they still have valid viewpoints to write about and share. The interface of this platform also makes it easier for readers to read and the clean-look highlights helps to focus more on the context and words. Medium also helps you to connect to other readers and writers, thus creating a network of logophiles!

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Maybe you don't really care for doing the blogging of photographs/images/gifs or writing yourself, but just want to a platform to follow all your favourite blogs in one place? If that's the case then Bloglovin is definitely for you. Not only do you get to follow and keep track of your favourite blogs in one place but you can even share your own if you have one. Unfortunately, if your favourite blog is not added onto Blogloving by the blogger, it will not be available on the platform. However, most bloggers do have their blogs on the platform. In a newsfeed kind of format, you can also discover amazing blogs you may not have known about or seen anywhere else.

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Note: All listed blog platforms are also available as Android and iOS apps so you can blog on-the-go!

By Cleopatra Shava

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