Top 10 Tips To Survive Your Juice Cleanse

Thinking of going on a juice cleanse to detox your system? Then check out these top tips for surviving your cleanse… you’ll thank us later!


Juice cleansing has been trending for a while now. But the controversial detox diet isn’t for the faint-hearted! We speak from experience…

Whichever juice cleanse you choose to do, here are some handy tips to help assist your body to juice safely.

Start Each Day With A Green Juice

For a satiating and ever so tasty green smoothie recipe check this one out.

Drink Probiotics

We recommend kefir and drinking yoghurts.

Add Chia Seeds To Your Smoothies

They’ll add fibre, which will help your digestive system.

Don’t Chew Gum

Seriously… it’ll make you hungrier!

Stay Hydrated

We suggest incorporating a coconut water or almond milk into your day to do this.

Drink Water Between Each Juice

Gulp down at least one glass of water between each juice. Also, remember to drink eight glasses of water every day for three days before and after your cleanse.

Adopt The Right Attitude

Keep positive and focus on what you want to achieve out of it. Keep your mind and body relaxed… don’t stress!

Limit Your Exercise

Include only stretching, yoga and light walks. Your calorie intake will be too low to make it through heavy workouts comfortably.

Have Black Herbal Tea, Celery Sticks And Raw Almonds On Hand

Have these raw plant-based products on hands in case you feel really faint and need a bite of something solid.

Be Prepared To Feel The Toxins Leave Your Body

While the toxins leave your body, you’re likely to experience headaches, fatigue, irritability, achy muscles and possibly even cold or flu symptoms. Be prepared for this – and drink lots of water to decrease the severity of these symptoms.

Good luck!

By Candice May

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