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Top 10 Spots To Grab A Sarmie In Joburg

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You feel a deep pitted hole in your stomach shortly followed by your stomach impersonating a tornado. You walk to the kitchen and open the fridge in search of something, anything to satisfy the beast that is your hunger. You see some bread, some left over roast chicken from last night, a ripe tomato... A minute or two later you're biting into a sandwich so big you almost need to dislocate your jaw to eat it, but you somehow manage. Now your mouth is filled with the delicious combination of crusty bread, creamy mayo, juicy tomatoes, pickles and the slight crunch of lettuce. But wait... you didn't have chicken for dinner last night, someone finished all the bread and the jar of mayonnaise is in the fridge, empty. That daydream of a sandwich is not going to happen. Not unless you head over to one of these spots to grab one of the 10 best sarmies. 

JB's Corner

JB's Corner situated in prominent Melrose Arch and Sandton City serves up some of the best gourmet sandwiches in Joburg. They have something for all tastes. Fish lovers can try their Gone Fishing - pieces of tuna, olives, cucumber and mayo of fresh ciabatta. Their Fillet on French is perfect for meat lovers with beef fillet in barbecue sauce. And for the vegetarians - the Halloumi Club on Ciabatta features grilled halloumi, roasted peppers, creamy avocado and eggplant on a huge ciabatta roll.

Super Sconto

This Italian deli and supermarket in Orange Grove has a diverse range of cold cut meat, cheeses and vegetables. At the counter you can create your own sandwich. Just choose your meat; like mortadella, turkey or parma, your cheese like mozzarella or gorgonzola and your veg like artichokes, sundried tomatoes and olives to go on a crusty ciabatta. A mozzarella with yummy pesto, chewy sundried tomatoes and salty olives is certainly what I would go for.


Vovo Telo

Vovo Telo has a great selection of sarmies for you to choose from whether you are in a rush or want to sit back and relax. Their bread is freshly baked daily, from ciabattas and sourdough to bagels and rye. Try out some of their gourmet options, like the Chicken and Bacon Onion Marmalade Baguette or the Smoked Salmon Trout Bagel. They also have a croissant sandwich with gypsy ham, boerenkaas, lettuce and tomato.

Jo’Anna Melt Bar

This bar is known for their amazing cocktail menu and toasties. After a long day at work, pop into one of their comfy booths. Sip on a martini, shaken not stirred, while waiting for the comfort of stretchy cheese. Their Popeye is a popular choice with a beef patty, bacon, lettuce, tomato and gooey cheddar.


Velo Café

Known for the best sarmies in Braamies, Velo Café offers a great spot to relax, have a good cup of coffee and a yummy sarmie. Options include the Ambrosia with roasted peppers, aubergine, hummus, halloumi and coriander on a panini or the Rooster Booster which if stuffed with chicken, avocado, peri-mayo and rocket.

L8 Cafe

This spot at 44 Stanley is perfect for those looking for a great gourmet sarmie. They have unique and delicious selection of gourmet sarmies to choose from, and they're all named after movie and TV characters. Our favourites include Bill the Butcher; matured rump, wild rocket, red onion, cherry tomatoes, feta and a balsamic reduction and Hatchet Harry; rocket, beetroot, brie, sundried tomatoes, basil pesto and almonds.


Proof Café

If you are looking for a sandwich made from quality ingredients and freshly baked bread that comes in generous portions then you need to pay a visit to Proof Café in Sandton. Their menu consists mostly of sandwiches. These come in all types from traditional South African toasties to a Middle Eastern Wrap (it counts as a sandwich). We recommend the BLAT - because the only thing a regular BLT needs is some avo.

Melt Chocolate

Melt Chocolate is a fantasy among chocolate lovers because of their decadent chocolate shots, hot chocolates and cakes. But this spot also makes great sandwiches. They have a few classic options like roast beef and tuna mayo. Those of us who struggle to decide what to eat can choose the platter option, which gives you a quarter of any four sandwiches. You can also build your own toasted sandwiches using one of their five bread options loaded with your choice of toppings. We, however, go there for their signature sandwiches. The Ham and Berry Apple Tower is definitely worth trying, we are talking about a tower made out of ciabatta, pulled pork, lettuce, emmental, micro greens, baked apple and cranberry mustard sauce.


Bread Basket

You'll never have to make your own lunch again thanks to Bread Basket. With a big selection of sarmies to choose from, you will feel spoiled for choice. You can choose from rye, bagels, baguettes and sourdough rolls and fill them up with a great selection of fillings. The Smoked Salmon Trout and Cream Cheese on a buttery croissant sounds good right about now.

Casa Marani Italian Deli

Casa Marani Italian Deli in Parkhurst offers only two options; the Ciabatta Panino Vegetarian and Ciabatta Panino Meat. However, you can add any of their 50 choices of cured meats, cheeses and marinated vegetables for a magnificent DIY sandwich of epic proportions. Think about olive ciabatta smothered with hummus and topped with crumbled goats feta, provolone, red onion, marinated peppers,mushrooms and paper thin slices of prosciutto and turkey - Yum!


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