Top 10 Photographers To Follow On The ‘Gram

I am going to shamelessly say that these photographers make me fan girl so hard, and I do not mind saying it aloud at all, have you seen their work? Go check it out and you will understand why I stan so hard. Since everyone is keen on making their timeline pop, a little of inspiration has never hurt anyone. So, we think you will appreciate these photographers, maybe you might learn a thing or two.


Trevor Stuurman (trevor_stuurman)

Melanin is dripping on Trevor Stuurman’s Instagram he also diversifies his content to broaden the interests of people. His name has been on everyone’s lips, because homeboy has been consistent with providing our Instagram feeds with images that are unique and expressive in a sense.  If you do not know who he is, we suggest you go check his work out and the people he has been rubbing shoulders with, the likes of Barrack Obama, Naomi Campbell, and he was also part and parcel The Global Citizen Festival, busy guy, don’t you think?

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A stereotype is “a reductionist concept that favours a few traits of a said group of people into one that will be acceptable, that then creates attitudes and emotions that mobilise fears and anxieties in the viewer”. The routine of hyper-masculine representation has been repeated historically at different periods in cinema and across media to depict black men as innately violent, aggressive, criminal and emotionally stunted. The fundamental issue with stereotypes is that they qualify racist, distorted perceptions or historical context of blackness, which lacks a deeper meaningful and complex depiction of black life that thus becomes accepted as the simplified way to characterise black men. “Nah” – Rosa Parks. We are black men. We are beautiful. We are our ancestors wildest dreams. We are enough. We are love. #RepresentationMatters #TeleportingIntoAfrica @absolutsa #OneSourceLive

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Nikki Zakas

All I am saying is that she needs to capture me too, because her style is very out there yet simple effortless kind, there is definitely a theme in her work. She captures ordinary objects that an ordinary person would pass without thinking that the very object would be turned into art. But Nikki has an eye for ordinary things that she turns to extraordinary with her lens.

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@batukmusica ☄

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With an Instagram feed that reads: Capture Souls Not Beings. Let’s face it, South Africa is such a beautiful country and of course we thank people like Lord_Xhosa to show us from his perspective how the African culture lives on even to those to come, and that part of loving your country you embrace when asked where you’re from, with a smile on your face and proudly so you’ll say I was raised by Mother Nature herself.


The person behind almost every Bonang picture, blaq_smith also captures other celebrities. He is indeed the go-to guy when you’re looking for inspiration as to what’s in now. Did you hit that follow button and join the rest of his 64.7k followers on the ‘gram yet?

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Views money can buy. 🛩 #LifeOnTheRoad

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Her bio reads, “I’ve never been about just fashion or photography. I love people, behind the lens I explore the inspiration that is the human spirit.” – Merwelene Van Der Merwe. Need we say more, she is indeed the Jack of all trades. Every time I visit her Instagram (and no I am not a stalker), I feel inspired to pick up the camera.

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Metallic Airbrush. Model- Unknown

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If you looking for an Instagram account that captures amazing stills of people living their youth freely then you’ve found the right Instagram handle. To find the exact words that describe his account, I would say AMAZING! Take our word for it and follow here!


This Instagram feed is very artsy and sort of uses nature to its advantage, as it is in the images, using shadows to create a silhouette and other artistic elements to make images more interesting. He also uses  optical illusions to trigger the audience’s way of seeing things. So, this Instagram account comes highly recommended by us. Follow Thabos_shots.


Looking at his Instagram account sparks my wanderlust, the need to travel to capture amazing images as these. His stills are minimalist but yet so out there. Please follow him here!

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Garenth Pon

Just when you’ve seen it all, then boom you stumble across Garenth Pon’s feed, and you think ‘wow I need to visit the world and capture it like Garenth does. He is serving us with amazing shots from all over the world and we definitely are double tapping all those images, and perhaps maybe taking some screen shots for our mood-board.


Out with the ordinary adventure images, and in with Gerrit Van Zyl‘s type of mood when it comes to producing incredibly out there images. He captures everything and makes it look magical which is why we are so in love with his work.

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