Top Freelancer Work Spots

Whether you’re a freelancer, you’ve got some weekend work to do or you just want to escape the office for a bit, these coffee shops and collaborative workspaces offer a place for you to get stuff done.

Vovo Telo, 44 Stanley

Vovo Telo at 44 Stanley is a great place to perch yourself for a day’s worth of work. It can get a bit noisy so you’ll probably want to bring headphones along, but their large wooden tables double up as great makeshift desks. The food is wholesome so your energy will be kept at prime levels for as long as you’re there.

Grind Coffee Company

The Grind Coffee Company is a café inside a cycle shop. Order your coffee at the counter, connect to the free WiFi and make yourself comfortable. They’ve got a large table at the back, so if you arrive early enough and are working on a group project, try your best to grab this spot. On the food and drinks side of life, the bread is sublime and the coffee can be made with almond milk, which is a real bonus in our books.

Voodoo Lily Café

If you need brain food in the form of healthy, organic and sustainable produce, why not make Voodoo Lily Café your office for the day? If you decide you want to bring your dog along to keep you company, he or she be welcomed with open arms here. If you’re feeling particularly hungry, the Voodoo Burger will hit the spot – in fact, it comes highly recommended.

Croft and Co.

Pull up a chair at Croft and Co., order yourself a White Ice (double espresso with milk and ice) and get stuck into it. If you need something to sink your teeth into while you work, their parma ham salad is fab. Happy working!


Collaborative Workspaces:

Nomads and Co.

Nomads and Co. is a great space to set up your office if you’re a freelancer or are simply looking to collaborate with others – you never know who you’ll find here. Plus, Nomads and Co. host all kinds of events and workshops that you’ve got to keep an eye out for because you don’t want to miss out!

Workshop 17

Workshop 17 is a quirky collaborative space, complete with an indoor putt-putt course for those moments when your brain just needs a break, you know? They have a coffee shop inside which serves up a great cup of java and you can be sure that there are plenty of creative minds wandering around Workshop 17 at any given time. Take advantage and get networking!

The Office HUB

This is a shared workspace where you can choose the workstation that best suits you – use the boardroom for that extra-important presentation or kick back and enjoy a free cup of coffee in one of the timeout areas. Oh, and they’ve got a fiber optic line so you’ll always be connected!


JoziHub is a dynamic space where people from all disciplines can collaborate, innovate and incubate. This spot is perfect for young start-ups to get things done. Plus, if you’re working solo, you don’t even have to book a spot – you can rock up on the day and pay then and there. Cool, right? JoziHub also hosts events and workshops so be sure to attend them for extra inspiration!

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