Tips And Tricks To Help Baby Sleep

Is your little one battling to sleep? Some babies simply have too much energy, others need some help with sleep training. Either way, these are our tips and tricks to help baby sleep.

Afternoon Naps

Afternoon naps are pretty much a dream-come-true when you have other chores and things to attend to. However, the longer your baby sleeps in the the afternoon, the shorter they’ll sleep at night, so you need to help your baby develop a sleeping pattern to ensure they sleep longer at night. Although not all parents and caregivers support this method, you can wake your baby after an hour or two of napping, then keep baby entertained, so that they don’t fall back to sleep in the afternoon. By the time it’s night time, it’ll also be sleep time.

Bedtime Routine

As mentioned before, babies need to be helped to develop a sleeping routine. One of the best ways to make sure your baby knows that it’s time to sleep at night is to develop a bedtime routine – and stick to it. Start off by feeding baby at a specific time, then bath your little one using bedtime products from Johnson’s (our favourite is the baby bedtime bath with lavender) and then finish off the ritual by reading or singing lullabies. A week of doing this and sticking to the times will put your baby on the right path to a set sleeping routine.


This one is not typically encouraged but just think about it – if you feed your baby before bed, ensuring they are nice and full, what are the chances they’ll wake up during the night? Very slim, right? Yes. However, this trick works best with newborns up to the age of about 5/6 months. Thereafter, especially when baby can eat solids, feeding as a way to getting baby to sleep may not be as effective, especially when the teething starts. Speaking of teething, to soothe baby, try the Pure Beginnings Soothing Teething Gel  – it’s organic and can also help a teething baby sleep better at night by alleviating the teething symptoms.

Soothing Music

How many of us can sleep with rock ‘n roll or hip hop playing in the background? I imagine not many. If you’re wanting to encourage sleep, then try something mellow like jazz, blues, classical or neon soul. And if you love local music, then you have every reason to start instilling some culture in your little one with some Hugh Masekela, The Soil, Lira.

Lights Out

Having a night lamp in your baby’s room might not seem like a big deal but it is. One, its easier to navigate the room when you’re attending to your baby at night while half asleep yourself. Also, baby isn’t freaked out by the dark when they wake up in the middle of the night. However, you need to ensure you have a night lamp with a dimming element to create soft lighting. After a while, once the lights are low, or are out, baby knows it’s time to sleep. For some cool baby lamps, take a look at Kids n All for some great options.

Do you have other tips and tricks that help baby sleep, which are not mentioned above? Let us know below!

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