Tips For Purchasing A Juicer

Are you looking to purchase a juicer, but have no idea how to pick one out? Use our expert tips on what to consider before splurging on a juicer.


Are you considering hopping on the juicing bandwagon? Before you do, let us fill you in on the pros and cons of juicing that people don’t always consider before splurging on the best juicer on the market.

Every juicer has its own pros and cons. However, simply knowing about their features won’t be enough when making the best choice when it comes to buying one.

Juicing Takes A Considerable Amount Of Time Out Of Your Day

Most people don’t realise that they spend a considerable amount of time on juicing each day. Apart from the ingredient preparation, you need time to juice and then clean the appliances immediately. Therefore, purchase a juicer according to the time you have to spend on juicing. Manual or centrifugal juicers can operate quickly. In most cases, you need around 15 minutes. Masticating juicers, on the other hand, are not only fast, they can be cleaned just as easily. Other kinds of juicers take up a lot of time in producing your drinks.

Different Juicers Will Juice Items Differently

The better juicers are capable of extracting juice from not only fruits but also vegetables. Triturating juicers are powerful thanks to their twin gear system. They’re capable of crushing even the toughest vegetables into a pulp. These juicers can take care of the more difficult parts, such as rinds, cores and seeds. If you prefer leafy green vegetables as juice materials, a manual or masticating juicer will be sufficient.

Your Juice’s Storage Times Will Depend On Your Blender

Not all juicers are capable of preserving the nutrients of the fruits and vegetables during the juicing process. This means that you may have to drink up the juice as soon as you make it with certain juicers. Others will allow you to store the juice for a longer period of time.

Into more detail: most centrifugal juicers produce quite a bit of heat during juicing. The heat can oxidise the juice, which compromises the freshness and nutritional value of the drink. If you’re planning on storing the juice for a period of time before consuming it, you might want to consider buying a triturating or a masticating type of juicer. The triturating juicer produces the best quality juices, allowing you to store them for up to three days before drinking.

High-Quality Juicers Come With A Higher Price Tag

In order to produce a high-quality juice, you need to spend extra time and money. Some juicers can make a juice faster than others. They can be cleaned just as easily, too. However, the juice produced isn’t of a high quality. In some cases, they might not even extract the juice completely because they work so quickly. If quality is a concern, opt for masticating or triturating juicers. Just keep in mind that they take a lot of time to produce and are a tad costly as well.

The Details Of A Juicer Could Affect Your Use Or Purchase

Juicers have many additional properties that you shouldn’t overlook. Most are quite noisy, especially the ones with motors. Durability is another factor to consider – the materials should be of a high quality. Take a look at the warranties as well.

Picking out a juicer might not be an easy task. However, considering the above pointers will help you choose one that’s perfect for your needs! And, we can promise you one thing: buying a juicer is a fantastic way to invest in your health! You won’t regret it.

by Candice May

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