Tips For Buying A Shaker Bottle

A good shaker bottle is a must-have accessory for a health or fitness enthusiast. With these bottles, you can carry your drinks and protein shakes with you when you’re on the go or at the gym. Here’s what you should consider before buying a shaker bottle!


Mixing Mechanism

A shaker bottle should allow you to mix your protein powder smoothly. The bottle should prevent the formation of clumps of powder, which obviously no one enjoys! The mixing mechanism should mix the powder smoothly, so you can have a creamy, smooth and enjoyable drink.

Odour Resistant

Your bottle shouldn’t retain the odour of the previous shake (yuck!). This is important, as there can be times when you don’t use the bottle for prolonged periods of time. Choose bottles that are free from odour. There shouldn’t be any smell remaining inside the bottle after cleaning.



You need a shaker bottle that can last for a long time. These should be strong enough to withstand a lot of hits before cracking or taking any sort of damage. We recommend quality plastic or stainless steel shakers.

Additional Features

You might be looking for a shaker bottle that gives you some extra features, such as a good grip or additional space for storing items. Of course, you should also look to purchase a shaker that wasn’t produced with harmful chemicals.

By Candice May

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