Gin Is All You Need All Thanks To Time Anchor Distillery

Gin into my life they said, let’s check out a little gem that has all the deep roots, mixology and Gin pairing you need in your life, Time Anchor Distillery. 

Joburg is growing a huge gin culture and is truly becoming connoisseurs who have formed very high standards when it comes to gin, so we had to introduce Time Anchor Distillery.

Time Anchor Distillery Johannesburg

Why We Like To Talk Time Anchor?

Time Anchor is Joburg’s very first craft distillery, situated in the very artistic and vibrant surrounding of the Maboneng Precinct.

They have managed to create something wonderful in Joburg, bringing people from everywhere in the city to come and enjoy an amazing gin experience. They pride themselves on the deep roots of making and perfecting a quality spirit. Who doesn’t love having a good spirit?

Time Anchor is all about craft distill, and their creative essence shines through in absolutely everything that they do from their decor, style of mixology, pairings and presentation. They live on artisan, not only just that but they treat their gin as a form or art and expression.

Time Anchor Distillery Johannesburg

What A Gin Place Looks Like?

One thing about this amazing distillery is that they live and breath craft, and they have made sure to include that in their look and feel.

From the moment you step into their creative building, the architecture alone draws you in and gives you that feeling of good vibes. As soon as you enter the distillery, what will grab your attention without fail is their floor.

They have used South African coins to make flooring that is Instagram worthy, and may I add that they placed each and every single coin by hand. This is proof of their love for what they do.

The usage of colour coordination and textures really bring the place together to fit their craft look.

Time Anchor Distillery Johannesburg

What Do Their Drinks Look & Taste Like?

Time Anchor Distillery makes the best quality gin around, and is home of the Mirari Gin brand. They have the most unique gins you will probably ever see, including the most wanted exclusive Mirari Pink Damask Gin.

Their mixology and presentation skills are exceptional, especially if the plan is to explore their gin experience journey. They host amazing tastings and bespoke events, where you can even book a group gin tasting experience. May I add, that they love the traditional G&T, so all you who love to tickle their palate – here’s something to look forward to.

Time Anchor Distillery Johannesburg

How this works you may ask? Well! They welcome you, tell you more about who they are, what they do, show you their select spirits and how it’s made, introduce you to their craft ingredients and garnishes which you get to smell and feel and then…they share their good spirits. These served with tonic and garnishes, and to top it all off, they finish it off with an amazing cocktail made to perfection.

For More Information

Tel Number: 072 495 1983

Email: Click Here

Website: Time Anchor

Visit Their: Facebook

Cheers To The Gin!

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