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Where To Find Thrift Stores In Johannesburg

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No matter what your style or budget, you're bound to find something trendy, affordable, and unique at one of these thrift stores throughout Johannesburg. the best part about thrift shopping is you never know what stunning and vintage gems you'll find.  Thrift Store

Bounty Hunters Charity Shop

The Bounty Hunters Charity Shop is not only an incredible thrift store, they are also doing it for a great cause. This is a charity shop that depends solely on donations, so if you aren't buying do a good deed by donating a few items you no longer have use for. They support 30 charity organisations, some of which are dependents on this shop. Recently they have extended their reach to people and their pets in neighbouring communities who are financially stressed. Here, you know where your money is going – to great, helpful and meaningful causes. Also, they have moved to a brand-new location in Melville as of 01 July 2021!

Details: Facebook | 076 279 6122 | [email protected] | 71 4th Avenue, Melville, Johannesburg.

The Curiosity Charity Shop

If you're looking to do a serious thrift haul across not only fashion, but a wide range of items, support The Curiosity Charity Shop, whose mission is to assist and promote a variety of registered charity organisations by offering a retail space for their donated items. This store will  tickle your fancy in more ways than one, because here you will find a few goodies you need knew you wanted or needed and even see some items you never knew existed! Pay them a visit and take a look through their collection of goodies, ranging from antiques, clothes, house decor, and furniture to books, handbags, shoes, kitchen ware and much more.

Details: Facebook | 011 888 0707 | [email protected] | 225 Beyers Naudé Drive, Northcliff, Randburg, Johannesburg.

TWECO The Curiosity Shop

Junkie Charity Store

Next time you find yourself around Melville and looking for some great deals and items for an absolute steal, be sure to pop by the Junkie Charity Store. They were established in 2010 and they sell pre-loved items that are all high-quality and looking to be purchased and whisked away to their new homes. Their secondhand pre-owned merchandise is always high quality, interesting, unique and beautiful, which ensures that each visit will be an adventurous and exciting thrifting experience. You'll find everything and anything here, ranging from an assortment of trinkets, art, vintage clothing and cool accessories to homeware, haberdashery, toys, books, long play records, and so much more. You never know what treasures you might find.

The charity organisations that Junkie Charity Store supports include:

  • Abraham Kriel Kindertehuis
  • Baby Haven
  • Ban Animal Trading
  • Bambelela
  • Children of Fire
  • Community Led Animal Welfare
  • Melville Koppies Heritage Fund
  • Princess Alice Adoption Home
  • Salvation Army Old Age Home Emmarentia
  • Theatre Benevolent Fund

Details: Facebook | 082 923 4189 | 7A 7th Street, Melville, Johannesburg.


If there is one thrift store that you definitely need to support, it's the HospiceWits charity shops. The HospiceWits philosophy lies behind the active care of the terminally ill and to emphasise the importance of living life to the fullest with whatever time is left. So, if you're running your keen on doing some thrifting, look no further than these charity stores. You'll find some great pre-loved pieces while contributing to a wonderful cause. They sell secondhand items that are still in a sellable condition, ranging from everything you could possibly imagine. Think furniture, books, clothing, children's items, accessories, magazines, homeware, decor items, artwork, electronic goods in mint condition, CDs, DVDs, footwear, chairs, tables, toys, bags, suitcases, gardening items... you name it, they have it!

Details: | 011 483 9100 | [email protected] | Click here to find your nearest HospiceWits Charity Shop.


The Johannesburg Children's Home Thrift Shop

A new thrifting space, Thrift Up, in support of the Johannesburg Children's Home, is officially open! Here, thrifters and bargain hunters will be spoilt for choice with not only pre-loved secondhand clothing, but also a selection of limited and selected furniture items, pieces of eclectic bric-a-brac, contemporary and collector’s edition of books and music, picture frames, rugs and carpets, toys and more. Shop until you drop and get more bang for your buck here. All proceeds of this thrift shop will go to the children of the Johannesburg Children's Home to ensure they're taken care of and provided for.

Details: | 011 648 1120 | [email protected] | SOHO Square, 50 Grant Avenue, Norwood, Johannesburg.


The name says it all – this shop is going to take you on a trip down memory lane and reminisce about the good old days. This vintage store takes you back in time, giving you the best in vintage and old skool that'll definitely make you stand out with style and class! They have been running for 36 years, offering thrift shoppers with a wide selection of vintage items including clothes, handbags, leather day bags, evening bags, shoes, gloves, jewellery and so much more. The shop specialises in period clothing from the 1970s and before. There's also a huge range of items from the Victorian  and Edwardian era, the 1920s, as well as delights from the 1950s. This is a vintage store you most certainly need to visit if you find yourself in Melville.

Details: | 083 256 0813 | [email protected] | 4 Melpark Heights, corner of 7th Avenue and 9th Street, Melville, Johannesburg.


Check Out Instagram, Too!

Rather looking to do some thrift shopping from the comfort and safety of your own home? Not to worry! Instagram is full of thrift stores offering pre-loved secondhand clothing. Here are a few recommendations that we have personally shopped from:

Try Yaga!

Have you heard of or tried Yaga? This is where anyone can sell or purchase pre-loved clothing items! Even better, you can find some of your favourite local brands on this online store at unmissable prices, as well as clothing items from local fashion influencers,our are selling pre-owned high-quality pieces from their wardrobe. Click here to visit their online store. Also, you can download the app to have it easily accessible on your phone, wherever you go!

Do you have any Thrift Stores you can recommend to us? Feel free to comment down below, your opinions matter because we write for you!


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