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Things To Do In Honour Of Mandela Day

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So you want to put in your 60 minutes this Mandela Day, but you can't. You're stuck at work, don't have any viable skills to help out your favourite charity, don't have the funds for a huge donation or are just too lazy to be bothered with it. It's okay, we are all feeling lazy and run-down during these cold months. So we've come up with some hassle free ways for you to help out this Mandela Day, or any time of year, without breaking the bank or breaking a sweat. 


We know, we said you wouldn't have to break a sweat. And you don't. Volunteering doesn't necessarily mean painting walls or landscaping a garden. You can also donate your time doing simple things. Why not read to children at an orphanage? Or animal lovers can give some much needed love and affection to animals. You can do this by simply playing with the animals, giving them baths or taking them for walks. Check out these Animals Charities to Help Out on Mandela Day.

Donate Used Goods

It is winter and we are all feeling it down to our bones. But not everyone is able to simmer in a warm bath, pile on the blankets, fill up the hot water bottles and sip on hot cocoa. But we can help these people by donating old warm clothes, shoes, blankets and socks. You can also donate old home-ware, appliances and even toys. Just collect anything you no longer use and drop it off at one of these amazing charities.

Donate Blankets

Animals get cold, too. So, this Mandela Day, donate old blankets and towels to your favourite animal shelter or SPCA. Don't have any old blankets to donate? No sweat! Pep sells grey and white blankets for just R59.99*. Or, you can get 10 blankets at Westpack for just R219.90*. You'll be sleeping a lot better at night, and the dogs and cats at the animal shelters will, too.

Become A Blood Donor

Blood donations are needed for patients who have blood diseases, need operations and who have suffered traumas. However, blood can be a scarcity in the winter months. This is because with outbreaks of colds and flu, many regular donors are unable to donate regularly. By donating just once, you can save up to three lives! Find out more and where you can donate blood here.


Become A Bone Marrow Donor

We all know how much Madiba loved kids. Unfortunately, many of these little treasures suffer from diseases that can only be cured with the help of matching blood marrow. You can register to be a bone marrow donor. All you need to do is give a sample of blood, which will be tissue-typed and added to a database. If you are matched, you'll go for further testing and then donate to save a life. Join the South African Bone Marrow Registry here.

Become An Organ Donor

As with bone marrow, many children, and adults, are dying each year because of failing organs. The only thing that can save them is a healthy donor organ. You can register to become an organ donor and your organs can be used to save a life, even after you are gone. Find out more about the Organ Donor Foundation here.

Collect Change

Many charity organisations desperately need funds. While not all of us are able to donate a significant amount, we can still help. The concept is simple. Set a time limit, such as a year, get a tin and for the whole year collect all your change. At the end of the time limit, donate the change to your charity of choice. The amount really builds up over time.

Feed The Homeless

Whether humans or animals, there are many left starving in our city. Everyone can help them by collecting tins of food or other non-perishable items and donating them to orphanages, churches, old age homes or animal shelters.

* Prices correct at time of writing.

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