There’s A New Mobile Network Launching in South Africa Later This Year

Joburg, there’s a brand-new mobile network that’ll grace the country mid-2019. Bayede Mobile is coming. 

Bayede Mobile

Bayede Mobile Is Coming!

There’s a new mobile network coming to town! Bayede Mobile will connect communities and empower everyone with an affordable way to connect.

The vision behind Bayede Mobile is to provide the people of South Africa with mobile access at affordable rates, enabling communities to easily connect with one another. Bayede Mobile wants to empower a generation of people navigating the technological era, where connecting to friends, family and information can be accessed by all.

Bayede Mobile will help reach those with little to no access to basic mobile infrastructure. Upon launch, Bayede Mobile will embark on a journey which will begin by focusing on connecting people, transitioning to connecting communities and finally, connecting an entire nation.

Initially, Bayede Mobile will be strategically positioned to leverage existing infrastructure of some of South Africa’s biggest mobile networks, thereby bringing reliable connectivity, at an affordable flat rate.

Further details regarding the official launch of Bayede Mobile will be revealed closer to the time.

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