The Worksquad


Is your lifestyle robbing you of your success?

Answer the following questions to find out. Are you:

– Struggling to stay motivated at work?

– Always tired and disorganised?

– Undecided on how to develop your career further?

– Neglecting your self, partner, family, kids, friends, pets?

– Adopting poor health habits because you just don’t have time to go to gym, prepare a healthy meal or to just relax?

– Taking work home more often?

– Too tired to go out to socialise?

– Taking longer or unnecessary breaks at work?

These are some of the signs that show a poor work/life balance.

Is there a quick fix? No! But there’s help.

The Worksquad provides life coaching as a workshop that explores the 7 aspects of life. A unique approach to improving workplace productivity and an opportunity to enjoy a holistic approach to creating a life strategy.

Achieve more balance in your work life!

An innovation in life coaching. A one day workshop that explores work/life balance across 7 areas of your life. The workshop is a true coaching session, where the facilitator is a guide and leads you to discover how to achieve true balance.

– You get a range of tools to measure and create work life balance.

– Invest 1 day with a small group limited to a max of 15 per session.

– Enjoy the tranquillity of an inspirational venue that allows for meaningful reflection.

– An affordable alternative to one-on-one coaching – for individuals and companies who want improved productivity all-round.

Workshop Dates:

Wednesday, 28th of March 2007 – Only 6 seats remaining

Wednesday, 11th of April 2007 – Introductory offer

Wednesday, 25th of April 2007 – Introductory offer ends

Reserve your seat NOW to avoid disappointment!

Your Investment:

The life coaching workshop is charged at R2500 + VAT per person.

An introductory price of R1950 + VAT will be charged for all bookings paid in full for all workshops up to Wednesday, 25th of April only.

Group discounts available.


Carol Moabelo (contact details alongside)

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