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The Towel Warehouse offers you the best selection of towels, beauty accessories and linen for your Beauty Salon or Spa. They have an excellent selection of exquisite towels, hand towels, salon towels and other wholesale beauty therapy products. Their suppliers are all industry leading towelling specialists including, Colibri, Glodina and Nortex!

You can create an entirely new look by swapping old towels for fun newcomers! If a total towel upgrade isn’t in your budget swap the senior occupants of your linen closet for their lively patterned new hand and face towels or easy to mix-and-match multi colored options.

Their salon towels can double or triple the normal life of your average towel because of their remarkable and superior design. Standard towels become unsightly long before their normal life expires. The Towel Warehouse gives a great relief to its customers with its salon towels’ unique features. These salon towels are soft, fluffy and highly absorbent. They are made of quality cotton and are unquestionably the best towel for salons and spas.

These white luxury cotton towels are perfect for Beauty Salons, Day Spas, and all Health Spas. Embroidery is available to ensure the flow of your brand, and our supplies can certainly be bulk ordered for your complete convenience!

The Towel Warehouse supplies top quality gorgeous bed linens, table cloths, table runners, serviettes, tray cloths and chair covers!

A life of great wealth, surrounded by the finest luxury home items in the world cannot be reached by all of us. Antiques and oriental rugs are certainly out of range of most household budgets. But if you want to look at the finest quality of linens, you’re most definitely in luck at The Towel Warehouse!

There is no question about it, their bedding and bath collections reflect the enthusiasm for lifestyles that embrace simplicity and versatility! Their inspiration is energy, colour, excitement, function, decor and design! The Towel Warehouse embodies the spirit and energy of fine home furnishings, at affordable prices!

They offer classic sheets, pillowcases, and bed covers in a wide variety of colours and designs. Rich with soft texture in refreshing shades or soothing and sophisticated bedding. Linen can grace your room with quiet colours and delicate details.

Traditional or modern, some prints and embroidery work together for a look that’s undeniably tranquil. A soothing palette of black and white makes bedding utterly sophisticated.

The products on offer at Towel Warehouse have been selected for their high quality, excellent design and great value for money.

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