Finding Your Fashion In Space

Add something unique to your wardrobe with The Space, offering unique apparel with an African flair.

The Space

Get Lost In Space

The Space is the home of exquisite African brands, offering something stylish for both men and women. Housing some of Africa’s most talented fashion designers, this is a definite must-visit.

Each of the designers at The Space bring something fresh and exciting to the store. The Space provides a platform for designers to showcase their skills and style.

The clothing and accessories here are edgy, stylish and unique, with an African flair.

Some of the amazing African designers that you can find at The Space include:

The Space

The Space

The Space Designers

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Space Man

The Space offers a men’s wear range. The talented designers offer African inspired apparel with a masculine feel.

This range brings edge, freshness and bold designs. The designers offer a new approach to men’s fashion and style, with their Africa-meets-modern approach.

The Space is not only focused on clothing, but also has accessories and footwear. Some of the accessories they have include hats, watches, bags, rings, earrings and wallets.

The Space is a great place to get you looking like you just walked off the runway.

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