The Social Distancing Teddy Bears Of Piza E Vino

Nope, it’s not a quick brunch meeting between business bears, it’s your new dinner date! Piza E Vino Introduces a new way of ensuring that patrons adhere to social distancing. 


With most restaurants offering sit-down service again, there has been an ample amount of rules and regulations that come with it. We’re all familiar with the fact that we need to wear masks in public, sanitise our hands all over the show and of course, adhere to social distancing at all time. But how exactly do you enforce that in a restaurant?

Passed on to us by Melrose Arch’s Retail Tenant Relationship Manager, is a photo that might as well have been a snapshot out of a Pixar film. Piza e Vino has resolved to use stuffed animals to enforce social distancing at its Melrose Arch restaurant.  Each plush character is big enough to take up a whole seat, ensuring that the other, human diners can stay 1.5 meters apart.

This trend started in Paris and has been spotted in Japan as well. It is safe to say that this genius ploy has made the entire experience a little more… bearable.

Here’s a look at social distancing incentives from around the globe


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