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The Shed & Silo Country Cafe

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Country-style dining out in Benoni, that's exactly what the Shed & Silo Country Restaurant offers. Come by early on a Saturday morning for a traditional egg and bacon brekkie or to sample their delicious cakes. It's well worth the drive, we promise. 

Shed & Silo - Country-Style Goodness

If you have never found an excuse to travel to Joburg East, here is the perfect reason - the Shed & Silo Country Cafe! Situated in Benoni, this quaint farm-style cafe has all the charm of an inner city bistro. Their food is just as good, too. But, there is something distinctly more peaceful about this place. It's the perfect weekend morning getaway from the city, for when you need a little country air on a budget.

Located on a farmstead, Shed & Silo Country Cafe promote eco-sustainability by growing their own produce. From red peppers, to baby spinach and even fragrant lavender, their garden supply goes straight to your table. They also have a few cows and chickens for baking basics. Make a return to country-style dining by paying them a visit.

Shed & Silo

Farmland Surrounds

Shed & Silo delivers exactly what its name promises - a meeting of farm and simple city elegance. The restaurant has both indoor and outdoor seating, so no matter the weather you can enjoy your meal comfortably. Their afdak provides ample shade as well for those warm summer days. We suggest that you sit outside to take in the serene farmland surrounds.

Then again, the interior decor is just too pretty to ignore. There are plants everywhere, from hanging herb baskets to table arrangements featuring proteas, sunflowers and lavender. The combination of wide open space, glass features, white walls and wood furnishings make for a delightful scene. You almost wish that this place was a BnB - that way you could wake up to this charming scene with the smell of fresh coffee and breakfast cooking away (hint, hint Shed & Silo).

Shed & Silo

Eggs Benedict & Chocolate Mousse Cake

Luckily, Shed & Silo announced, in July 2019, that they will officially be open all seven days of the week. Needless to say, their loyal patrons were overjoyed at the thought of being able to get their hands on their favourite breakfast meals and sweet treats all week long. For your first visit, there are two stand-out menu items which you must try. The Eggs Benedict served with crispy farm style bacon and olive ciabatta toast, sprinkled with black sesame seeds and topped with sweet micro herbs is a breakfast dream. Pair this with a glass of freshly squeezed juice or strong coffee.

Breakfast wouldn't be complete without a sweet finish. We usually just smear a slice of toast with strawberry jam, but at Shed & Silo they do things a little differently. Cake is the order of the morning here, famous for their chocolate mousse cake, red velvet and chocolate top deck cheesecake. Indulge yourself a little and tuck into a slice of one of these.

Shed & Silo

The Harvest Table

Shed & Silo also host private events, birthday parties, yoga mornings, movie nights and occasional art events. Book out the restaurant for your next special occasion. You can order harvest sharing table platters for everyone to enjoy. Laden with charcuterie, cheese, olives, fresh fruit and bread, these platters are too yummy to resist.

For More Information

Visit their website for more information, or follow their social media pages:

Facebook -

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Details: 77 Thomas road, Norton Home Estates, Benoni, Gauteng | 063 294 6157 | [email protected]

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