The Roving Bantu Kitchen Is Truly A “Kultural Base”

They define themselves as an eatery, a living museum, a ‘kultural base’ showcasing what it is to be African, South African, past and present. We know just how many options Joburg has when it comes to unique hangout spots, but we all know that there are just some places where you feel like ‘this is home’ and this place is it. And we think we have found a gem suited for the everyday people. This place is just where you get to experience the true Joburger culture, where food meets music and a good ol’ time with friends.

Perfect For All The Right Reasons!

They combine for all those who are intrigued, for the curious for those open to experience something different and also get to live a life they’ve lived before. This place bring a nostalgic feeling to many because you are experiencing South Africa as it was, as it should be, rich in flavours, and freedom in experiencing the normal South African food the way our taste buds want it to be. It doesn’t get any South African than this, so be sure to check them out!

Kwa-SodlaSonke – The People Shall Eat

We hope your taste buds are ready for an adventure, because trust us when we say you are going to appreciate what they have for you, just reading their menu has us drooling out of control and we can’t help but want to get our cravings sorted. You can expect to find delicious afro soul food at The Kitchen. You can tell their food is cooked with love and fresh ingredients, making sure you come back for more! Their menu is not fixed and it changes frequently but you can be sure to find some of your all time favourites when you visit them. Their meals inclide African classics such as:

  • Tripa Ala’ Mogodu (tripe)
  • Walkie Talkies (chicken Feet)
  • Bull-Foot Soup (cow Heels)
  • AfroTO (funkified samp & beans)
  • Veteran’s Chicken (slow-cooked chicken in peanut & coconut sauce)
  • Braaied jerk chicken

Roving Bantu Treks

These are tours with a difference, allowing you to go in and around Jozi with stories, anecdotes, historical background and off the beaten track experiences. Don’t you worry you will get to experience the best of the best because tours can be suggested or tailor-made to suit anyone’s requests. Wherever you would like to go, whenever you want to go and whatever you want to see. This is just the place for you to visit. You’ll get the best experience ever, it’s time to trek!

Radio Bantu Live

This is literally the definition of home away from home, if you are not only looking for tasty food, here is something you can add – entertainment, they give the best events ever, giving you the opportunity to actually experience the culture at its best. With their small Radio Bantu stage which has hosted some of the best live acts this country has to offer with deejays spinning some killer tracks. These events take place mostly on Friday and Saturday night. Look out for stand up comedy and poetry nights.

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